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Work on being an active listener

Updated on February 16, 2011

We all know how important it is to feel listened to and to have someone hear us out. Not having people to talk to or communicate with can be a real mood crusher to nearly all of us. It is important to ensure that you listen attentively when in a conversation both as a sign of respect and love to the other individual. Here are the top tips to effective listening:

1.       Look at the person who is talking to you. Eye contact is an important aspect in a conversation, when you look directly at someone who is talking to you, the conversation is far more effective. Make sure you are really listening.

2.       Reiterate ideas in conversation when you respond, when you reiterate an idea, you are also remembering it well and taking it in. Make sure you make the other person understand that you value the time and the words exchanged.

3.       Lean forward when talking. When you are leaning closer or forward and making an attempt to face the individual, you are listening better. Make sure you do that so as to be a good listener and also to make the person feel more at ease.

4.       Keep an open mind when in conversation. It is easy to blindly disagree or contradict a statement in conversation. Make sure you let the person have his or her say, complete their thoughts and express their ideas before you being to contradict or oppose some ideas.

5.       Listen actively, don’t interrupt. There is often a tendency to question, compare or offer unsolicited advice even in the best of us. Make sure that you do not give advice unless required and let the person have their say; it’s probably an occasion to let some steam off.


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