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The 24X7 work can be grueling ! so take it easy!!!

Updated on July 27, 2015

Relax !!! Work Won't Hasten If You Are Tired

Take it easy

The 24X7 work can be grueling ,but you must take time to de -stress yourself .Your condition of heart depends on it .People who have already suffered from a heart attack and return to a super-stressful jobs are at a serious risk of another heart attack.Researchers tracked that 972 such cases ,when workers returned to their stressful jobs they were at a risk of getting second attack within two years of the first attack .Where as if a person is at a less stressful work he shows better health ,thus we should plan our life once we have suffered and shift to stress reducing regime and work outs to ease the tension .

Exercises like jumping jack ,taking a walk or doing a pedaling exercise under the desk with a pedal exerciser.If you already had a heart attack think seriously about their re habitation programme.this would help you to cope and cut the risk of dying from a repeat attack to some extent.As work stress has a vital role to play in a person's health there are certain ways to cope up with stress :-

  • Don't stew instead take it out on the small ball you keep in your desk .Squeeze it ,throw it in the air or even take it out and bounce throw it and catch it until you feel relaxed.
  • Mini massage your feet -take off your shoes and rub your feet .bend your toes ,ankles and arches to ease tension as most of the body load is carried by our feet so take special care of them .
  • Seek peace of mind as it will keep you away from hypertension which is another reason for heart attack .so what ever you do do not rush and finish it take your time whether it's going out door or doing any other activity at office or home.
  • Find joy, make your sitting place amiable put flowers at your desk or play soft music or sound of rippling water ,it helps to relax your mind
  • Do prayanam when ever you are free and empty stomach ,if breathing exercise is done it is best for heart attack patient as it improves the supply of oxygen to your heart and promotes good health .
  • Join laughter clubs or you may do laughing exercises by yourself it relax your mind and also reduces blood pressure .
  • light a scented candle in your room when you are at home and let the perfume work on your sense and help you to relax
  • These may seem to be small tips but they are really helpful ,keep your weight under check so that your heart can relax too .


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