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Updated on May 12, 2011

HR professionals throughout the world are compelled to deal with another major problem called Work-Life balance. The phrase Work-Life balance itself clearly indicates that work and life are two separate things. But in today's world, work has become the focal point of our lives. Obsession on excellence in the work place is taking a toll on our personal lives. All our emotional energies are spent mostly on this obsession.

Work occupies our minds wherever we go and we become uncomfortable outside our work place. This affliction affects both men and women. A typical modern office has a good ambience and facilities like good cafeteria, gymnasium and swimming pool are added attractions and this, perhaps, makes the already-work-obsessed people more comfortable at the work place. Another fact is the work culture in the modern offices is also responsible for creating more work.

Add to these working hours, the commuting time to and from the Office and the time available for the family and personal relationships is very limited. It is not that the modern life style and economic conditions are driving us to become workaholics. Some people may get engrossed into their work just to escape from the emotional stress they are forced to undergo during transitional stages of their lives.

Psychiatrists say that workaholism is a learned behavior. Every human being wants to experience the feeling of adrenaline rushing and getting a pat from the seniors and supervisors for a job well done stimulates this physical experience. If workaholics experience this once, they will keep on exploring new avenues to achieve this.

Workaholism is a social addiction. It takes a heavy toll on personal relationships in some people's lives. Curing this requires the support of the entire family of the affected person. If you are a workaholic, it is not necessary that you should immediately put in your papers and get out of your work place. You have to just separate your life and your work and try to solidify your relationship with your loved ones.

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