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Working Mompreneurs- Managing your Schedule

Updated on May 29, 2011

The challenges of a Mompreneur

Being a mompreneur is not easy. You have to manage both your business and your family with the limited time that you have each day. Many a times you may have your schedule disrupted when the kids fall sick or sudden urgent matters crop up. Stress levels may shoot through the roof as you rush to complete your projects while at the same time try to fix dinner for a family of starving kids.

There are a different set of challenges both for the work at home mom and the full time working mom. Being on both sides of the spectrum I understand that both WAHM and FTWM have their own benefits and challenges.

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WAHM- The work from home mom

After the birth of my child I was privileged to be able to stay at home to take care of him during his infancy. While being at home I started gaining an interest in the Internet and learned the opportunities in setting up my own home business. An online business seemed ideal due to its low start up cost and easy set up procedures. However what I didn't expect was the endless numbers of hours which I had to devote to ensure that everything was running smoothly.

Maintaining the business grew more challenging as my boy grew older and more demanding. It seems extremely difficult to juggle both motherhood and businesswomen until I learned how to prioritise my time.

Advantages of a being a Work from Home Mom

As a mother very keen on educating my child from birth being a work from home mother seem a natural choice. Being at home it gave me the opportunity to spend more time with my child. I was able to tend to both his physical and emotional needs as he grew. There is no need to spend money on a babysitter or nanny from your child and you save both money and time in commuting.

Being a mother you are the best caregiver for your child. It seems perfectly natural to be able to be there both physically and mentally for your young one.

There are many examples of successful work at home moms like - Denise Willms & Brandy Ellen who have set up their own businesses while being at home. They are inspirational role models for moms who are aiming to work from home.

Being at home you are given the flexibility to work as much as your want and when you want. There are no strict 9-to-5 work schedule to focus on. You are working on your own time and target.

It may seem rather risky at first but with perseverance and effort it could turn into a job which has both financial security and growth in passive income. Instead of slogging at a job in the office for a merger income why not start up your own business which you are passionate about?

Disadvantages faced as a Work at home Mom

It is not always a bed of roses working from home. For once there is no chance of your taking off on medical leave. You still need to ensure that work is being completed and household chores are being done despite you feeling under the weather.

You may face constant interruptions from your child who is vying for your attention and be unable to concentrate on both. Multitasking may not be the answer as it may reduce your level of productivity instead of increasing it.

There is a lot of things which you will need to compromise.

  • the level of cleaniness of your home.Clothes maybe left un-ironed and unfolded as you busy yourself attending to clients on the phone while your child sleeps.
  • your hours of Sleep this will be the first to go as you try to pack in the maximum amount of possible working hours within the day.

You will need to ask yourself this question

Is it worth the effort to work from home? Does the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

The Full Time Working Mom

Working outside the home has both it's benefit and drawbacks.

The Advantages of being a FTWM

  1. As a full time working mom there is a change of work enivornment. It is easier for you to get into "working"mode as compared to " relax" mode once you step into your office.

  2. You get the chance to interact with other adults on a daily basis and get your dose of both intellectual and physical stimulation.

  3. You get paid at the end of each month and can look forward to career advancement and pay increases.

  4. You are allowed to take time off , be on MC and do get medical and dental benefits.

The Disadvantages of being a FTWM

  1. Some of you gals like me have to do dual roles, One of a working professional and a housemaster when I reach home.

  2. It will take a long time for you to progress up the ladder to become the CEO or director of the company if you are working for others.

  3. It can be mentally and physically exausting as you may need to take work home with you if your boss requires you to do overtime.

How then to manage your schedule?

There are a few ways which would hlep you manage your schedule.

  1. Have a business plan

    It is very important for you to list down both your long term and short term goals in writing. This will give you much clarity to the direction you wish your business to be headed.

  2. Having regular reviews of your goals

    At the end of the week it will be very beneficial for you to sit down and review your short term goals. Have you achieve all that you set out to do within your given time frame? If you succeeded what has attributed to your success? If no, what made you deviate from your given plan? It is important to ask yourself these questions as you reflect on your progress made so far.

  3. Having a buddy or buddies

    As in school we always worked better as a pair or have a mastermind group to work with. With one more like-minded mompreneurs you will be better motivated to stick to the timetable which you have crafted for yourself. It is a great challenge running your own business and everyone can do with a little support now and then.


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