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Working as a professional psychic

Updated on December 7, 2015

starting your own work from home tarot business

Starting your own Tarot psychic business can feel overwhelming and at times not achievable.

I will start by saying I too thought that once, today I co-create a beautiful flow of income from my passion. My Psychic successful business evolves through the months and especially when I started working full time in 2011.

I still remember when I recorded my very first you-tube channel reading in 2011.

Seeing that and where I am today I am truly grateful and LOVE to share what I have co-created with you.

Starting today: I say organize some daily time you can set aside to work on your psychic spiritual purpose.

It could be a few minutes a day until you can get to a few hours.

It's understandable you work full-time or have a household to run, even both.

I will say you can do this all you need is a little inspiration and guidance. Sometimes all we need is to simply know where to start.

SO ask what type of clairvoyant are you? Then , What do you offer as a light-worker? NOW you can go straight to your Facebook page, Instagram, twitter, use your favorite social media, and announce your work.

When I first started my first reading was an email reading for $5.55, I felt like I needed practice and to be better known, maybe some reviews, or testimonials.

Once my work was flowing and word of mouth started getting me more readings, my price slowly rose. In the beginning my goal was simply to show the world who I was and how I could connect them with their spiritual team.

While I still do this service today my readings are more expensive but not overwhelmingly, they are still affordable and my clients know I will work with them.

If for example you are using Instagram, start by proving FREE daily inspirational messages to go with the daily energy. In the closing of the messages you can add your listing the readings or spiritual work you are offering.

Example: Let's say you do distant healing, seek people or places that need healing and put that energy work in motion. Others will see your work and seek you and in the end you are providing a beautiful service to those in need.

Another great idea that has truly helped me and still continues to grow my work is Giveaways.

EVERYONE loves something for FREE and they are willing to share you, follow you, in order to get that FREEBIE.

By providing giveaways often you will always have an inflow of new clients.

I Must worn you to know the difference do not overwhelm yourself. There will always be individuals who are in need of spiritual work. They will be there eagerly each time you are doing freebies but they won't exchange the energy with money. Which we all need to make a living. These individuals you need to send blessings and explain you can no longer do free energy work for them.

Energy work is exhausting and sometimes others do not understand this.

"You must first take care of you before you can take care of others". Jesus

What I do today is explain in short replies that we need to exchange energies in order to fully provide a spiritual service. This is the law of the universe you must give in order to receive. They will understand and if they don't move forward.

I will be honest you will always meet some tough clients but the most important thing is to stand your ground with love and continue your passion.

NOW you have your social media running, you have a few minutes that you add words and post and share each day.

It won't happen over night BUT IT SURELY CAN and WILL HAPPEN.

With some determination and a little work you will be on your way to opening up your own lucrative psychic business.

Starting your own website, Blog and my favorite Etsy shop

Your social media is underway, you are posting daily and offering some giveaways.

NOW its time to push forward,

Open a shop, while in my books (links below) I share a more thorough list of shops and reviews. I find myself loving Etsy. It happens to be one of my favorite and not that I sells thousands of dollars a month through Etsy. Yet I do create a decent flow of income and my favorite a decent following. Each day I receive notice of individuals who favor my items on Etsy.

Here's a GREAT idea for you to push those sales.

I follow back and send a coupon for simply favoring my goodies and offering my social media pages where of course I always share what I am doing first.

I give my followers, likes, subscribers the best deals and a few dollars cheaper than ETSY. This is my thank you for being my BEST-ie.

You cannot imagine how many times those simple favorites come back and use the coupon.A sale!!! Ta-da!!!!

In your blog you offer knowledge of your forte and always links to all your work.

Etsy also has adds that won't break the bank and bring in clients. I use to offer free US shipping because my items are small and people like this but I have noticed that I still get the same amount of sales and I added a cheap shipping flat rate to help me with the shipping costs.

The best advice is to go with the flow and test everything for yourself, see what works for you and your spiritual growing business.

My books are more informative and have a lot more detail,

I also have offer FREE videos and ideas to co-creating a lucrative psychic business.

Me Daisy Fabelo with my beautiful guardian angel

I was at Universal one of my happy places when my hubby took a pic and my angels joined in on the fun.
I was at Universal one of my happy places when my hubby took a pic and my angels joined in on the fun. | Source

Holiday magik flow for your psychic business

The holidays are always in season, we know longer need Christmas, there's Valentines, Easter, among all the different cultures and religions celebrating.

Seek out all the different holidays offer special sales using the holidya hashtages like #Christmasgifts #holidaygifts.

Offer your specials or create listings Just for the specific holidays.

In my spiritual work each month my angelic team offer different rituals, spiritual work to do for each moons, energy, universal energies. I create videos about the different energies sharing how to do these ritual at HOME but I also offer these in my shops and social media.

Not everyone is able to do things for themselves and love to be taken care of. Not to mention especially if your work is completely different they love that.

BEST ADVICE: create a special file with all the testimonials and reviews, clients love to read what others say about your work, making it easier for sales to simply flow.

I have three books so far on growing your very own psychic business and I am working on a new one.

"Diary of a Successful Psychic". Where I will share on a personal level my stories and my evolving in this beautiful passion and purpose I have embarked on.

I welcome you to join me on my Facebook page."Readings and Spells by Mystic Angel.

Where I am constantly sharing everything I do and all the angelic realm would like you to be aware of.

All the links are below I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.



Full Moon energy work


Journal your work and goals

writing in a journal gives you record of your success and thoughts.
writing in a journal gives you record of your success and thoughts. | Source
Find one you love and one easy to carry
Find one you love and one easy to carry | Source

How to become a successful Psychic


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