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13 "Working at NMC"

Updated on April 12, 2012

All for one, one for all.

Great company, great friends.
Great company, great friends.

Was a great job.

Working at NMC

In September of 2000 I was working at a place called American Technical Molding. The work there was good but things weren’t going great. I was getting along with the people as I do anywhere I work, it’s just that things just didn’t feel right working there. Then one day I heard that there was a job opening at NMC, Corp. I took the time to go over and apply for the job thinking in the back of my mind, as I usually did, I won’t get the job. I filled out the application and wished myself luck. When I was called back for an interview I didn’t waste any time getting there and made sure I was on time.

On my first interview I talked to Mark B. I realized that he used to be the plant manager at American Technical Molding. He said he always liked my work and would like for me to come to work for NMC. He then set up an interview with the vice president, Robert S. and the lead salesman, Todd. I was nervous at the time about the interviews because I did really want the job.

Needless to say, I did get the job at NMC and started on October 2, 2000. I was hired in as Maintenance Manager. I was The Maintenance Manager for this company for nine years. In that time I was given pretty much the run of the maintenance department with Mark B. as my supervisor most of the time. We had a really good understanding with each other. We got along very well for boss and employee. I would pretty much do things the way he wanted them done but he would listen to me if I disagreed or felt we should do something a certain way, then we would do it his way. Just kidding, he did listen and understood. Sometimes things would be done my way.

In the time I worked there the number of injection molding machines more than doubled, very close to tripled. I was responsible for the installation of all new machines. Some were just new machines and some were new machines to replace old machines.

I really enjoyed working at NMC because the people there were always great to work with. I don’t think you could have found a more enjoyable company to work for. I know I have never worked for a better company. I was never treated better or made to feel important anywhere more than I was at NMC.

Then another company purchased NMC. There was nothing wrong with the company that purchased NMC, but once the new company started the take over, NMC just started to lose the personal touch and I just never felt as comfortable with the big company feeling. I guess I just got spoiled with the family feeling of NMC.

That’s when I made my decision to leave NMC. Since I was 62 at the time, I felt it would be very uncomfortable to start a new job from scratch somewhere else. So, I decided my best bet to retire. When I left I was in hopes of having the opportunity to go back to work on a temporary basis, at least for a while. But with my luck the slow down in business didn’t allow this.

The people that are still there are still family to me. It’s hard to stay in touch because that’s something I have a hard time doing, staying in touch with family. I hate losing anyone.

In closing and probably repeating myself NMC was one of the greatest places to work because of all of the people I worked with. Actually, the greatest place I ever worked.



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    • Jan Fowler profile image

      Jan Fowler 6 years ago from Santa Clarita, California

      Greg, I know what you mean, also. I had a great job at an advertising agency. It was fun and busy and everyone liked each other. Then one day, out of the blue, they called a company meeting to say they were going out of business and closing their doors in 2 weeks. Told us to pack everything up and bye, bye. We were all sad and I have never worked anyplace like that ever again. Good luck to you and enjoy your retirement.

    • JLSB profile image

      JLSB 6 years ago

      I have a great job, too Greg and I know what you mean about family. I have never had better bosses and I have worked a few jobs in my time. I wish all companys could be managed on the the (family) idea.

    • Jeremey profile image

      Jeremey 6 years ago from Arizona

      It seems that way too often,when the smaller businesses we enjoy working for so much because of the family atmoshpere, get bought out the business loses that special something.Ask anyone who's ever worked for such a business and most will admit it is ultimately the people that we miss. It is a shame sacrifices some businesses are forced to endure when taken over. Nice hub.

    • profile image

      Brent 6 years ago

      Greg I agree. Whenever the Stephen's family owned the business it was like a close knit family. Even after the other company took over I still had many friends there. That too was one of the best places I have ever worked because of the people. Living in West Virginia now I miss the the great fellowship of my friends and co-workers.