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Working With Animals Larger Ones

Updated on May 29, 2024

Working with Animals

Are you thinking of starting a career working with animals? Have you given a thought as to which kind of animal you would like to work with? There are also many types of jobs involved in this type of career. Some animals may need care, exercising, training, conservation and many others categories of work.

Many of these jobs will involve working in the outdoors, while others will be a mixture of both. Some will involve cleaning up after the animals, so if you have a weak stomach you will need to think twice about some of these positions.

Here is a collection of jobs working with larger animals involving a variety of different types of work.

Photos from flickr


Working with Marine animals

Marine rescue-This may involve helping injured animals trapped in fishing nets.  Sick or injured animals stranded on the beach.

Marine Biologists- You may be required to research pollution, in our rivers and creeks. Or need to find the causes of dead fish found in oceans or rivers.

Training of mammals- This could be training dolphins, whales, and seals to perform for the entertainment industry.

Marine Vetenarians- These would work with the marine and aquatic animals.

Working with Wild Animals

Wild life Animals

Zoologist- You would need to learn the scientific anatomy and behavior of the animals in your domain.

Zoo Keepers- will be responsible for the general care, feeding and health of the animals in the wild life parks or zoos.

Zoo horticulturist-An essential part of a zoo or wildlife park is the plants in and around the animal’s environment.

Ranger or Calm officer- These are often on call and work on their own or with others, dealing with sick or injured animals. They could have to catch and move animals from one area to another. Or like in my case we had a snake wind itself around our water tank under our caravan.  I literally freaked out.  The snake catcher was nowhere to be found and eventually two rangers came and to our rescue and got rid of a one meter tiger snake from under the van.  They took it away, thank goodness.  It was a very trying time in my opinion and I could not thank them enough for the good job that they did.

Guide to Working with Farm Animals

Temple Grandin's Guide to Working with Farm Animals: Safe, Humane Livestock Handling Practices for the Small Farm
Temple Grandin's Guide to Working with Farm Animals: Safe, Humane Livestock Handling Practices for the Small Farm
Large animals come in all shapes and sizes and therefore you need to gain experiences with all different types of animals. This is a guide to working with Farm Animals in particular. It teaches you how to handle livestock in a safe, humane way and also shows you different practices for handling animals on a farm.

Working with Horses from Flickr


Working with Horses


There are many different career paths working with horses

Stable hands-This is self explanatory and involves in some cases in exercising the horses and of course mucking out the stables.

Jockeys-The size of your build could restrict you with this job.  Most jockeys are controlled for horse racing by height and weight.

Rodeos-Riding or breaking horses in, can be a dangerous occupation

Horse and Pony riding instructors- This involves leading young children in the correct ways of riding and handling a pony or horse guiding them over small jumps for shows.

Horse Physiotherapist- These are well sort after as horses are often injured while racing or trotting, and need there injuries attended to.

Police-The mounted police officers are used in specific crime investigations, for missing people in bush or rough country searches.

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