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Working With Human Resource Managers To Get The Job

Updated on October 30, 2012

First, what exactly is a human resources manager?

The human resource manager in a company can be your best friend when you're trying to get a promotion or a new job.
The human resource manager in a company can be your best friend when you're trying to get a promotion or a new job.

Are you in the midst of a search for a new job? If so, it's more likely than not that you're feeling a little bit frazzled. Trying to get a new job is almost always stressful, even when you're only somewhat casually looking while still employed at a job that you're rapidly growing tired of having. If you feel this way about your own job search, you might want to look to the resources that you have around you which might improve the job search process for you. One of those resources which often gets overlooked is the human resource manager of each company.

Aligning yourself with the human resource manager

The human resource manager is a terrific source of job placement assistance, whether you are trying to get a new job within your own company or to start out fresh somewhere new. How you handle your interaction with the human resource managers in your life will depend greatly on your current association (or lack thereof) with the company but the basics of working with human resource managers to get a new job are the same everywhere. At the foundation level of either situation, you can benefit from a solid relationship with human resources managers because they are ultimately the ones who have a great deal of say in who gets hired within a company. Putting yourself on the good side of the person with the hiring decision in their job description is the number one way to make sure that you get the job.

The HR manager in your current company

If you are looking to move in to a new job within your existing company, you will want to get some basic information about the human resources department. Find out who is who among the managers in the human resources department. In some cases, there is a particular human resources manager who does the hiring part of the job while others handle decisions such as training of employees and compensation packages for various issues which come up among staff. If this is the case in your company, it is the person who does either hiring or position changes which will be the name you want to know.

Because you are already involved in the company, you will want to be extra sure to keep everything above board. Office gossip spreads fast, so if you're immediate boss doesn't know that you're looking to switch positions and you go to discuss your options with the human resources manager, you should assume that your immediate boss is going to soon know all about it. That said, it is perfectly appropriate in most companies to look at your different job options, so if you're open and honest, you can reasonably make an appointment to speak with your human resources manager about your options. Explain why you are seeking a position change and find out what the choices are for you within the company at the current time. Even if nothing is available, you'll be better informed about how to make position changes in the company. More importantly, you'll have established a relationship with the human resources manager so you'll likely be the first to hear when new opportunities come up. This can make or break getting the new job within your company.

Meeting HR in a brand new company

If your situation is such that you are looking for a job with a new company altogether, the human resources person is still a great key. You can send your resume in to the companies which appeal to you but then follow up with the human resource manager who does the hiring. Simply calling this person and letting them know that you're interested in working with them, referencing your already-submitted resume, puts your name on the minds of the people who can help you get the job. Basically, think of it like this: human resources is exactly that - a resource to you of human manpower. Appealing to the human side of this person, by establishing personal contact and creating a friendly relationship, puts you a huge leap in the direction of getting the job that they have access to providing you with.


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