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World Ventures Overview

Updated on October 26, 2010

Welcome To The MOST CONCISE Review Of World Ventures That You'll Ever Find ANYWHERE...

So you're interested in World Ventures?

Well of course you are! That why you found me.

That's great. You are definitely lucky that your research has brought you to this page.

On this page, you will find everything you need to know BEFORE you join the company.

This page is even going to answer the question of whether World Ventures is a scam.

My name is Nate Falconer and I'll be giving you an inside scoop to this company.

I want to commend you for doing your due diligence on this company. I'm pretty excited to be the one sharing this necessary information with you. I am certain that I can provide you with all the facts you need to make an informed decision.

If you have any questions about World Ventures, feel free to call me at 850-591-7132

I will be happy to answer questions, share my data with you, and help you get a better understanding of what the World Ventures and what it entails to be successful.

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Introduction To World Ventures

World Ventures background information

World Ventures is the marketing arm for Rovia. They are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company in the travel industry.

The company was launched in December 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue and is based out of Plano, Texas (a suburb of Dallas).

The company has been growing rapidly ever since its conception.

In 2006, they predicted 10 trips for the year and ended up with 15 trips!

In 2007, they predicted 25 trips and ended up with 37 trips!

In 2008, they predicted 50 trips and ended up with 95!

In 2009, they predicted 150 trips and ended up with over 230!

The company is currently in the "momentum phase" according to the "Four Phases of Growth" model by Professor Charles King.

A great deal of World Ventures growth can be contributed to its Special Advisor, Mike Conway. Mike is a very well-known and highly-respected in the travel industry.

Mr. Conway was the co-founder of America West Airlines. Under his guidance, they went from a $0 company to a $1 billion company in under 6 years!

Conway was so impressed with World Ventures that he actually came out of retirement to play a role in the growth and development of the company.

The Products

World Ventures offers two products.

One is a vacation club membership and the other is a travel consultant package.


The World Ventures vacation club is like the "Sams Club of travel".

Members of the vacation club get exclusive access to hundreds of vacation packages at wholesale prices.

Their trips are planned on a rolling calendar. This means that they are planned in advance thus giving members the opportunity to book their trips in advance allowing them to make all the necessary arrangements needed.

The most attractive aspect of the vacation club is the prices of the vacation packages that they offer.

Many people can't comprehend how the company is able to offer trips at the prices that they do. Well, World Ventures offers their members the same prices that they purchase the trips from. They are not marked up!


The second World Ventures product is more like a mini-business business.

It offers it members the ability to have travel book through its members and allows them to earn commissions.

Commissions are paid on hotel stays, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, and timeshare rentals.

This second product also comes with a perk.

Each member has unlimited access to a concierge service.

The concierge service can be used for everything from looking up movie times to booking dinner reservations. It is like "Google over the phone".

What Makes World Ventures Unique?

In order to dominate in a particular industry, a company has to have something unique about them that sets them apart from their competition.

For World Ventures, its their state of the art vacation search technology.

You know that booking travel can be a hassle sometimes.

Remember when the ability to book on the internet first came about? You would have to go to each airline, hotel, or cruise provider to search their rates. And because of having to surf all those sites, not only did it take hours to book a vacation but we usually did not always get the cheapest rate.

Then sites like Travelocity, Orbitz, and Expedia popped up that contained search functions that to do all the searching.

But this new technology became a hassle as well because instead of spending hours comparing airlines, you know spend hours comparing the search functions that compare the airlines!

Check this scenario:

You hop on Expedia and put in all your travel information.

After you get the results, you open up a new window and go to Orbitz. You put in the same information and get your search results.

Then you open up a third window and go to CheapTickets. You put in your information and get your search results.

Maybe you even open up a fourth window with Travelocity and do the same thing there.

After much searching and comparing, you see that Orbitz had the cheapest price.

So you click back on that window to continue the booking process and the search timed out!

Then you go back and put in the information and the rate is not available anymore! So you end up having to pick a more expensive rate

Does that sound familiar to you?

Check this out! What if there was a way to search all the search engines with one click of a button?

Well World Ventures has exactly that!!!

Their search technology does one single huge search that covered all the major popular sites and then some!

You put in your information once and it simultaneously search all the search engines and brings back the cheapest rate.

Well that is the new wave of technology that is hitting the travel scene. But what if there was a site that searches all those and even others!

World Ventures has taken convenience at a whole new level!

No longer will do people have to search Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia and other booking sites separately because you can do it all in one search at a meta-search!

Now you can do in a few minutes what used to take you hours.

How Does World Ventures Compare To Companies In Other Industries? - See just how big the travel industry really is...

The Big Deal About World Ventures

Of course World Ventures is not the only network marketing company out there but there are a couple of things about this company that set it above the rest:

1. The Industry

Travel is an $8,000,000,000,000 ($8 trillion) industry and according to experts, it is expected to expand to $15 trillion in the next years!

That sounds huge but how what does that compare to?

Well, coffee is a $100 billion industry (Starbucks makes 8 of that).

Health & Wellness is a $226 billion industry...

So travel is 3500% more profitable than the health & wellness industry!

The travel industry is so big that almost half of every dollar spent on the Internet is spent on travel. Its even bigger than the food industry!

This is the first reason why World Ventures is such a strong company. They are part of the most profitable industry on the Internet!

2. Market/Target Audience

Another reason why World Ventures is such a strong company is because their main target market are the baby boomers.

The Baby Boomer Generation are those individuals that were born from 1946 to 1964.

Trend-wise, they basically run the economy. They have set every economic trend since the 50s.

Financially, they still run the economy. They drive 2/3 of every dollar spent in the nation!

Currently, 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day. That's a rate of 8 every second!!

They are retiring with money and freedom. So what do you think they are going to want to do?


World Ventures: How You Can Travel Your Way To Financial Freedom

Learn how you can get your piece of the pie...

As a network marketing company, World Ventures is a vehicle being used by thousands of people to achieve financial freedom.

Network marketing companies are historically known to strive during down-economies.

That means that you can make money with World Ventures despite the state of the economy. In fact, it means that you have a better shot!

World Ventures uses one of the most profitable payment compensation plan structures...the binary*.

*For more details on the compensation plan, check out the official World Ventures Overview.

This structure easily allows you to profit off the efforts of others in addition to your own. That way, wealth then become a team sport instead of an individual game.

And with multiple ways of earning income, you can create upfront profits and long-term residuals.

For more details about how you can use World Ventures to create an additional income stream for yourself, feel free to contact me at 850-591-7132.

Is World Ventures A Scam?

Is this thing for real or what?

With all the different scams out there on the Internet, its understandable that there would be a little skepticism about World Ventures.

Everyone has seen outrageous claims being made about income potential and all these other things. And its very easy for people who don't do their homework on the company to get caught up.

But World Ventures is not some cheesy scam.

They are a highly profitable, legit, home based business.

What you have to understand is that in the home based business area, there are two main compensation plans:

1. MLM/Network Marketing Compensation Plan

2. Direct Sales Compensation Plan

With network marketing, companies do not advertise their product or service. Therefore, they save that money.

And in order to get the word out about the product, they offer a compensation plan to any individuals that want to go out and market the product on the company's behalf.

It's a win-win situation for both the company and the rep because the reps is capable of making a ton of money that the advertisers would have gotten and the company ends up paying out less to its reps than it would have paid the advertisers.

That's the beauty of the network marketing business model...and the beauty of World Ventures.

World Ventures is no more of a scam than any other company in the travel industry.

The income claims are all part of the process. They are meant to activate that emotional center in you because speaking to people's emotions leads to more buying decisions and actions. That's a GOOD THING.

But the company's claims are backed up!

World Ventures is pretty sharp about keeping everything factual. In fact, they actually document all the earnings of all their reps. World Venture has the low, high, and average incomes at each level.

Just imagine what life would be like with an extra 3k-5k a month coming in. Now imagine you being able to quit your job so you could focus full time on promoting World Ventures so you make money even faster? What do you think would happen then?

Truthfully...the sky is the limit with the type of business model that World Ventures has.

It is very possible to create a 4-figure or 5-figures income with World Ventures. And those who are really serious can create a 6-figure income!

The fact of the matter is that your business won't grow by itself. No one gets to places of great success while being lazy.

Tell What You Think About My Review!

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    • rray001 lm profile image

      rray001 lm 

      6 years ago


      I am a big fan of MLM and I know its a great way to take care of your family. I have a few people that has asked me to take a look at World Venture and everything that I see and have studied show its a great company to be a part of. I have learned a few ways to grow anyones business if you would like to connect and share marketing ideas please contact me.

    • natefalconer lm profile imageAUTHOR

      natefalconer lm 

      6 years ago

      @anonymous: Go on more than one trip per year...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Can you explain a bit in depth about the membership fees? Some people claimed you don't save anything because of the monthly fee. 55x12=660 so if you only went on 1 trip for example that saved you $400 you actually just end up paying that fee off with the savings, right? I understand though that the fees get put into the rovia bucks (so it's kind of like a forced travel savings, which i think is pretty cool)

      I know most people don't like trying to waive their fees because it's hard to get people to join.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      In addition this is a very honest and great review

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi David, I am an WV Rep so I'm letting you know that upfront, but I understand your concern. The DreamTrips have vacations all up and down the level of what you may consider rich. will not give you the prices without a membership, however I'm sure you are in contact of someone that can sit down and show you! Do, however, go to that website and look up the hotels and star-rating to know that they sure do hook you up with nice locations! My friends went to a 4-diamond resort (there are stars, and then there are diamonds). They got to go zip lining on a day that the place was only open for WV costumers, they cut the waiting lines and swam with sea lions for 45 minutes, they also took a mini-voluntourism trip and visited a nearby village. Every food bill was between 100-600 dollars and they just signed off the bill since it was all-inclusive for them. Top notch food and alcohol (4-diamond), and the whole trip was $650 a person (not including airfare). That is a chunk of change to some people, but they were talking to others on the same resort that spent $1200 a person (no air fair) for the same resort and they only got one excursion and thought they got a deal. Not only did WV save a bunch of money compared to other booking sites, but the whole trip was planned for them and they just had to walk off the plane. Dreamtripslife also has many $200 all inclusives and those $69 dollar cruises are very real, regular cruises that are common names. That is the product. If you like to vacation, use this product (refer to my comment above also).

      The other part is becoming a rep. People brag about their vacations whether they get paid for it or not, so that's my approach. If you seriously look into the business as a new form of income, will keep you awake for several nights. Mary Kay has produced more female millionaires than any other company. Our system is binary so that means equal opportunity. 3rd top income earner in the company, Johnny Wimbry, came into WV 56,000 people late, (equal opportunity). This company is a true blessing to many peoples lives. We don't want to deceive people from what they could have their hands on. It's like explaining the movie Forrest Gump the someone, it's a great movie if you watch it, but it sounds ridiculous if you try to explain a movie about a man that ran around the world and something about a box of chocolates. Same idea here. WV has a higher sign-up rate when people look at it from front to back instead of making 100% of their decision based off of 5% of the info they know. What sounds good to you about the company may not sound as good to your best friends, but they may join because of the BMW, make sense? Email me at if you have any more questions!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Have u guys wondered where the financial statements went since 2009 for World Ventures / Rovia

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: Rovia has received the 2012 World's Leading Travel Booking Website award. They have taken it away from the last award winner which had it many years running. Their DreamTrips does give you your money back 100% and send you on the trip for free for one of their bulk bought trips. In the past 7 years, they have sent one person on a trip for free. Now that is confidence!!! If you want to go on your own vacation, buy a hotel room, book a flight, get a car⦠they will refund you 150% of the difference if you find that deal anywhere else. These are two separate promises. I don't think they would have such a prestige award if they weren't serious about getting you the best deal! There's no trickery, they have an 89% retention rate for anyone who went on a trip. Apple had the exact same retention rate to their products in 2011. I think Rovia has a pretty bold deal. Glad you found something for yourself though!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Rovia/ World Ventures does not offer the cheapest travel packages as they claim... or they would make a claim that they will pay for a cheaper apples for apples trip 100% in full. Instead if you listen carefully to Mark he states that Rovia will pay 150% "of the difference" between the trip you already booked and paid for and the cheaper trip you found. BUT here is the only get the 150% in TRAVEL BUCKS...!!!!! What good is that when you paid cash.... Such marketing trickery ...Buyer beware..!!!! Recently I found another travel club called... Saver Express they state uncategorically...if you find a vacation cheaper..we will pay for your vacation ..100% of the cost..!!!!! Now that is confidence..!!!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I have heard that the prices are not comparable and in some cases even worse than free travel sites. The reps sites will not allow you to see and compare until you give them the 200 and the monthly fee. I have also heard from customers that the packages are cheap and the locations are as well. This article is obviously written by a representative so its completely biased and in actuality is just an advertisement. I went to a WV meeting and everyone was really nice but if there product doesn't save you anything then it is a rip off and these people are selling air. It seemed there was more emphasis on the representative side of things. They harldy sold me on their actual product before they were talking about the bmw's and the mega $$ bonus's for recruiting. Why would a company set up there business model so that the people on top are making stupid amounts of money and the people on the bottom are just struggling to bring in new recruits. I would really like to hear some feedback even if you are a wv rep. I understand its network marketing but they encourage you to invite your friends and family without ever telling them what for. Its not for a lot of people so why would they encourage you to alienate the people closest to you whom it doesn't work for.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      @anonymous: Yes I do wonder

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I just signed up to be a rep on Tuesday! Basically was told everything that you put in this lens! It is a fantastic opportunity!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi Nate,

      Thanks for the great lens! It's obvious that you put a lot of time into it, so thanks for that. Unfortunately the MLM travel industry has had a few companies that gave it sort of a bad name (I'm looking at you, TVI Express), but I'd totally agree that World Ventures is a bright spot. The Rovia engine is surprisingly good, so as a travel consultant, you guys definitely have something that will allow you to compete with all the big travel sites.

      Have a great day Nate,


      Rule Your MLM

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      How many members are there in WV?



    • profile image


      9 years ago

      How many members are there in WV?



    • natefalconer lm profile imageAUTHOR

      natefalconer lm 

      10 years ago

      [in reply to Roxanne]

      Hey Roxanne, unfortunately, you have your information really mixed up as far as who is "required' to do what and who is charged up and what our product is! If you want clarification, give me a call.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Great Lens, Nate! We love our World Ventures Business and get so excited to share it with others. Save money, make money, have more fun! Thanks for the great information.


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