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Tweeting Your Resume for a Job

Updated on April 10, 2013

With 200 million people using Twitter monthly, many users are trying a new technique in getting an employer's attention first, sort of like, the 'early bird gets the worm'. But, sending a resume via a tweet can only be 140 characters. Most professionals state that a resume should NEVER be two pages or longer. The ideal length is one page. Most recruiters only scan a resume for less than a minute searching for key elements they are seeking.

Using Twitter to send a resume is tricky, the ultimate pitch of being concise. Other applicants are trying the six second video approach. Six seconds is hardly enough time for anything except a fast introduction.

One company decided to try the approach with its 1000 active followers. The job position was for a social media marketing person and applicants could only apply via Twitter. Applicants had to send their resume using a hashtag, #socialCV. A typical resume using twitter might look like:

"social media expert, creative, outside the box thinker, multi-tasker, software expert, coding, "

Basically, highlights of what you can offer. Some recruiters use tweets to determine the personality of the person who is a formal applicant, to see how they carry themselves. By far, LinkedIn is used more often for job recruitment but 37 companies were polled about using Twitter as a job recruitment tool, all said they are not planning now but will use it in the future. Many companies might use it to broadcast new openings to their followers, hoping to find the ideal person among them.

Most employers will never hire anyone just from a Twitter resume. But, it does lead to the sending of a detailed resume, a phone chat and maybe, the interview in person.


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