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Writers, bloggers and digital frontiers

Updated on June 12, 2015

One of the most present subject at school at any level is one's own language. Not a bad idea, considering the importance of writing and speaking in every day of life. That actually does not mean you can have a craft in your hand when you can do it (very) well. Comparing some datas, a good writer can find through his path to success significant impedances. As Sara Sheridan wrote average earnings in the UK were around £26,500 in 2012.

ATM (hopefully not empty at the end of the month)


To make this amount on a book contract for a paperback edition selling at £7.99 that pays 10% a writer would need to sell 33,166 copies a year. A non so easily reachable target, considering in the same country 20000 copies a week bring to number one on chart. Writing a book can take a whole year. To have a reasonable proportion I assume getting number one for a week means getting number two one other week and so on. That brings in number one's wallet 78000 pounds per year (taking into account a proportion of 20 - 18 - 15).

Proportion between units sold and writer's earnings (for a n.1 writer on the UK chart)


If you can, I suggest you to be number one. Otherwise writers and especially essay's writers are free lance bloggers. Lots of publicity come into blogs providers, wether independent or linked to the text itself (example linking an amazon product directly in the text). In my experience, I have known the director of a website that get from 900 to 1000 visits daily, he earns 30 cents of Euro for every click a person does over the sponsor links.

Number one writer for a week: a credible tendency


More interesting the fact one can influence other people thoughts through writing. On the one hand, trolls are engaged by political parties to influence people and put pressure on some arguments. On the other, when a writer will be dead, one of his book can shed on one's head or who knows. It is a long life object; with immortal concepts on it sometimes. Two faces of the same medal.


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