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Writing and Selling Articles Through Web Consignment

Updated on July 14, 2012

Buy and Sell Web Content Through Third-Party Websites

Writing articles for online publication can be done through article consignment sites. These sites allow Web writers to write articles on spec or about requested topics and then place them up for sale through the site. Most of these article sites allow the writer to then set their own prices for the articles.

Constant Content

Constant Content is currently the largest article consignment site. Writers can submit articles directly into the system and then wait for approval by the site's editors. An article or essay that has errors will be sent back for editing before it can be approved and placed on the site.

Writers on this site pay a 35 percent commission on the sale of their articles. But, writers can set their own prices for each item they offer. They are also free to sell usage rights instead of full rights if they choose. The article writers can also sell full rights without setting a usage price, or they can offer both at the same time. In these cases, whichever is bought first will cause the other option to close for buyers.

Daily Article

This is a newer consignment site but has been picking up in traffic in recent months. The site works similarly to Constant Content, but only full rights are offered. There is less competition for article writers, as there are fewer pieces for sale on the site. But, there are also fewer buyers that visit it. Daily Article also places items up for sale after they have been approved. The commission rate is 20 percent.

Articles for Sale

Other sites do exist that offer spec articles for sale. ArticleSale offers articles for sale at bargain bin prices. Each article is equipped with an individual PayPal button. Web writers can also write articles for Helium and place them for sale in the Helium Marketplace. This area of the site allows buyers to post their topics and content descriptions. Web writers then create content to fit those needs. The buyer chooses the best one of those and purchases the rights. The ones not chosen earn residual income from revenue sharing.

When placing articles for sale on a consignment site, decide what rights you're willing to give up. Granting usage rights to buyers means that you can sell those same rights many times. Unless the site has a limit on how many times usage can be sold, it may be infinite. Selling full rights is a one-time sale of rights that will not revert back to the owner.

Writing Web articles on spec generally gives a writer a better chance of selling the work than writing spec articles for print publications. Many more Web markets exist than print markets, and new ones are being developed every day.


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