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How to use Yelp For Small Business

Updated on July 23, 2014

Yelp for Small Business Owner

If you are a small business owner then the best way of achieving success is to be creative. One can come up with a variety of product range so that the customers get whatever they want. Enhanced customer service is also very essential when running a business with small budget. Promotion through word of mouth and good web ranking is very important for these small companies and here comes the use of yelp.

Yelp is basically a review site where customers write their feelings and views about the service and product of a company. If properly and smartly used this site can help in promoting your business and gain more profit.

By using Internet resources wisely you can have good web presence and that you can turn in to prospective customers. Using YELP for your business is one of the way to gain more visibility for your small business.

Here are some tips which will help small business owners get the maximum benefit from yelp.

Create Profile

As we all know there is first and basic step is for creating profile. Here create profile means have proper business name mentioned with right kind of details and photographs. Need not to say that you should mention your business address in proper format so users can find your place easily.

When you take the help of yelp site make sure that you own the business page. If you are an owner you will have edit authority.

You can create an attractive profile of your company, answer customer’s queries if any and also remove any such review which can spoil your reputation.

Be Active

While creating profile for your company you will have to answer a lot of questions in yelp site. Make sure to answer all because most of the potential customer might just land into yelp thinking that they will first read the reviews and then visit your website for further information.

You need to spend some time everyday in order to check what people are talking about you over Yelp or which kind of reviews you are getting for your product / services / business. This will help you to build next BIG thing for your business.

Make Search Engine Friendly

Proper selection of keyword and its use is important for search engine optimization.

When you fill company profile information in the yelp site make sure to add the keyword in the description. When the search engine crawls it will capture the word and this will make your website visible in the search result.

With this you should also avoid common SEO Mistakes , which might harm your search engine rankings. Once you be in good search results you can see growth in your business too.

Make it Attractive

Visual effects can change people’s mind. Pictures will help your customers know about the company. Add some image in the yelp profile so the potential customers can have an idea about your company.

You can post pictures of interior, Video of Customers, photos of Products etc will help to pass right information to users. Just make sure resolution of Image or quality of Video should be good which should not annoy the users.

Add Details of your Business

You can add the yelp profile link in your website and Vice versa. This will help in cross promotion, which means people visiting your website can go back to yelp and share their views whereas the yelp people if they like your profile can visit the website for more information.

As mention earlier in this details you must put Pictures and if possible Video too.

Keep eye on competitors

Yelp is a place where you will find your competitors. Check out their profile pages and see what new they are doing in order to expand their business. If they have any ideas, you can also think of something else which is even better and interesting.

You can check some pages of competitors and have better Idea what more you can do with your Yelp Profile page.

Do Reputation Management

Yelp page is where customers leave their comment. It is very important that you monitor all the comments left behind by the users.

You must also make sure that all the comments are answered. Even if there is a negative comment from one of the unsatisfied customer make sure to answer it. This will increase the trust of the customers who read your response to the negative ones.


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