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Yes, Boss!

Updated on October 22, 2012

Boss is considered a person in charge of an organization or a group of people. This boss leads the way for his workers and he is usually considered an outstanding person who can lead his team to success. His main challenge lies in giving directions towards a project, and the way he steers his people in reaching the goal.

Unfortunately there are many people who are unhappy with their bosses and do not like to go to work ‘cause of them.

A survey has stated that: ONLY Fifty-one percent say they are satisfied with their boss. That's down from 55 percent in 2008 and around 60 percent two decades ago.

Many humans are free-willed and do not like to take orders in any form. Even if a boss gives orders in a polite or a demanding way; is not taken well by such people.

A boss is a derogative word and even if he/she is a gem of a person, when he/she starts to give commands. Things start to get ugly.

A boss is classified into various types:

Types of bosses

· Autocratic boss- this person is power hungry for everything. Such a boss wants his employee to take a note of his control and willingly give the reins to him. Those who resist will suffer.

· Live and let live boss: this person has a happy go lucky attitude. His employees like it because this boss has low expectations from all. Resultant is that the deadlines are not met. Goal is not achieved. The executives fire the boss.

· Egoistic boss: this individual is possessed by self-esteem and the employees dare not correct him. He has the attitude that the boss is always right. Executives don’t like that behavior but, sidetrack it most of the times because his years of experience makes him correct most of the time and he tends to deliver his projects on time.

· Tormenting boss: this boss is abusive, a bully and upsets his employees tremendously. Employees are not happy with his attitude but instead work hard towards their goal just to avoid a scene with their boss.

Executives in a company regard bosses as an individual who holds the reins of the group and keep the employees happy amidst the challenge to deliver their project. They are aware of the boss’s temperament but want to sidetrack it because the number of years experience in that field makes the boss superior to his attitude towards his employees. It’s the delivery of the project that they are concerned about.

The employees play a pivotal role in the success of a company. They sweat day and night to keep the management happy. But, the boss’s personality cannot be changed because of the choices the executives make. The workers are stressed out with over work and Inflation and the politics that the Bureaucrats play to keep both the sides happy.

With a human population of over a billion, there are about 6.7% of people who have a college degree. Qualified people are in abundance as compared to the number of jobs out there.

Companies need result to sustain employees. They want to meet deadlines and deliver projects on time so that they can stay afloat in this competitive market. Code Red is always in action in organizations and companies.

If a person has a job, stress is a synonym of it. He has to bear the grunt of distress and keep his feelings undercover at work.

With such a scenario, an employee has no other option, than to utter the words, “yes, boss!”


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