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You're Awesome Because...

Updated on December 27, 2023

Are You Awesome?

Hello there, everybody. My name is Garrett Mickley, and I would like to talk to you about being awesome. Realizing how awesome you are is necessary to being successful in life. All who are awesome become successful if they not only realize, but harness the power of their awesome. I just want you to know, I am awesome. You are awesome. You are awesome. You…uh… Just kidding! You are awesome, too.

Think About This:

You have a good job that you enjoy. You do not dread going in every day and you are not looking at the clock waiting to go home. Well I mean everyone does that, even if you love your job. So you have this great job, and someone above you quits. That, right there, is your chance to move up the career ladder to a position of awesome – even if your current position is awesome. Fun fact: one step above awesome is mega-awesome. Let us suppose that you do not believe in yourself. You do not realize how awesome you actually are, and instead of sneaking in there and ninja-ing this newly opened position, you remain at your current position, because your boss gave it to someone who actually did show that they are awesome, and should have the position. Forget that! You could have been moving up in the world, but because you did not realize how awesome you are, you did not get the promotion.

Who's Awesome?

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My Experience

Let me tell you what recently happened to me. I was working in a restaurant and decided I am too awesome for the service industry, so I hoped on the internet and started browsing I found a job working for a marketing firm, doing in-office data entry and other menial tasks. The pay was the same but the hours were better, so I took the job. I spent a lot of time talking with the owner of the marketing firm, and through our conversations he discovered how awesome I am. Of course, I talked about it. He was not asking me if I was awesome, so I had to tell him. He decided I was too awesome for these minor tasks, and started teaching me about web marketing. I did not get a pay raise but I got to do something awesome. Now I know enough that I can work independently, but I still take work from the marketing firm, because I really enjoy it. If I did not know how awesome I was and utilize it to my full potential, I would still be stuck in Excel spreadsheets.

Even when I worked in the restaurant, I utilized my awesomeness to move up. I started as a bus-boy at this restaurant, and that was cool. I did not mind, considering the economy was terrible. Plus they paid decently. After a few days I was asked if I could fill in for the expediter, who was doing a terrible job. It was something I had never done before, and it is a very demanding position, but I knew how awesome I am, and I showed them. Not only did I get a two dollar pay raise, I got more hours, because they decided to make me full-time expo. Plus, you got the Rich Jerk. That guy knows he is awesome. He is a famous web marketer, just like me, although I do not like to be a jerk. You know he is awesome, because of his business card. Have you seen it? It does not fit in a rolodex, because it does not belong in a rolodex. Oh, and then there is Donald Trump. Do you think if he had doubts in himself he would have a hot wife, too many cars, and big buildings? A TV show? Do you have a TV show? You should, because you are awesome.

Support The Facts

Now I was going to find some figures to show you, about being awesome and how it affects us, but it seems no one has done any studies about being awesome. I decided, best route to go was to go ask people. So I asked five people if they thought they were awesome. Four out of five people think they are awesome. Wait, think, or know? I know I am. That one person needs to realize how awesome they are, so they can be successful like me.

The authorities on awesome are not who you think they might be. One might assume Chuck Norris would be the authority on Awesome. This is not true. Chuck Norris is only awesome because he is not awesome, and it is hilarious to pretend he is awesome, in a mocking fashion, because he really is not awesome. A lot of people right now believe Obama is awesome. Some even call him Barack Awesama. Some call him Obamawesome. Alas, he is not the authority on awesome either. First, we have Abraham Maslow. Maslow had an awesome pyramid that put Self- Actualization at the top of the pyramid, as the most important thing for us to survive. Next we have Kurt Goldstein, who said that self actualization was "the only drive by which the life of an organism is determined." Sigmun Frued is the third authority, who believed that self actualization was necessary for our Ego to counteract the Id in finding ways to please our desires. The Id being our selfish desires and lack of care for consequences and our Ego, which desires realistically.

Some other famous personalities who believed in being awesome were Benjamin Franklin, Confuscius, and of course, the Little Engine That Could. I am not sure if you have heard of Ben Franklin, but he is on the hundred dollar bill. You will see a lot of him when you realize how awesome you are. He is also one of the founding fathers of America, which starts with the same letter as Awesome. Confuscious said a lot of things. Confuscious says “Man who sneezes without tissue takes matters in his own hands.” Garrett says “Without taking matters into your own hands and proving you are awesome, you will be stuck with nothing but boogers.” The Little Engine That Could knew he was awesome. If he did not think he could, think he could, think he could…he would not have.

Who's Awesome? You're Awesome!

That is why realizing how awesome you are is necessary to being successful in life.

Awesome Is A Synonym


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