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What is said by Seminar Hosts and Why You Shouldn't Buy Into It.

Updated on February 17, 2012

You are sick but don't know it. I can help you and you'll make a ton of money! - (Run Away!)

I've attended several seminars about ways to make money and, to say the least, all of them turned out to be scams. Yes, many will give you something just for attending. And they try to get you excited, which, if they do, may blind you to what you are really seeing and hearing. Here's a sample of what I've heard and seen, and what the reality was, when I stopped myself and allowed myself to see what really was.

You can ruin your health, too. At one seminar, The man speaking was telling the audience about these health supplements that we should all be taking. he said, that, even if we feel well and get good clean bills of health from our doctors, we are really quite sick. He said that waste products stay in us for years and years, Fruits and vegetables are less nutritious today due to the loss of topsoil, and other things. The way out, according to him, was to start using these supplements ourselves. Then, to make money, we would get our friends and neighbors to sign up under us, as in "pyramid scheme". Of course, we would have to pay for a supply of supplements and so on.

Well, I was excited at first, but, after talking to someone I trusted, several questions were raised in my head.

Was this man a doctor, or even in the medical profession? NO!

Was there proof that these supplements worked? NO, and, upon doing my own research, I found that the idea of waste matter staying in the body, namely the intestines, for years, is pure myth!

On top of this, I learned that some of the supplements that this man was promoting had been proven to be dangerous. So, I learned here that sometimes, your health could be in as much danger as your finances, where these schemes are concerned. Thank goodness I didn't try the supplements or get involved in any way past the introductory seminar!

You can end up paying for what you got for free. At another seminar, I was told about incorporation and how it can help a business in certain situations. And, I did sign up for further sessions. This, too, was a scam, as the sessions were simply repeats of the original free seminar. Also, after quitting when I saw what this was, I was bombarded with calls from the company, trying to sell me on coming back and paying for more sessions. I finally threatened legal action and the calls slowed down. But, a few years later, I was called by a company that had inherited the old accounts. You see, the original company had to fold due to being heavily investigated for it's practices.

The freebies you get are often worthless. I attended another seminar where we were given a free website diskette, which was claimed to be worth $200. And if we signed up for the company program, we would get 5 more diskettes, free. Well, the diskette may have been free, but to actually use it, would require a subscription to website services costing $38 monthly. On top of this, the diskettes were not compatible with the then current Windows system, let alone later ones, so the diskettes were essentially useless!

The things that all these programs, and a few others whose seminars I also attended, have in common, is that they promise you huge money, and often use a dash of truth to augment the lies they tell. As to the ones listed above, yes, fruits and vegetables today are often less nutritious than those of the past due to topsoil loss. Yes, incorporating a business does have some advantages, but you really have to know what you're doing and what you're getting into. And yes, a website can help you, but do your research, as there are probably cheaper ways to go about getting one and having it hosted.

Then, there's always some catch, usually an up front cost that no one will make back very quickly, as is often claimed. And the spokesman will often claim that he or she is not doing it for the money, and neither is the company. If so, then why the cost of signing up, oftentimes $500 or more, sometimes much more. And of course this cost is presented as being a bargain whose pricing will only last til the seminar is over!

If you do attend one of these seminars, always bear in mind that, the subject matter may be for someone who already knows enough to know if the program presented will work. My guess is that they know these programs won't work and so they're not among the audience!

To date, I've never met anyone whom I trusted that has gone into any of these things and come out even a little bit ahead, let alone making the ton of money that the seminar hosts claim you'll make. If someone comes to you, or you see an advertisement of any kind that says, "Just sign up, we'll help you, and you'll be making a ton of money, more than you ever thought you could make, and your sign up fees will be paid before you know it on your way to easy street!", or anything like this, run away!

Please feel free to comment on this hub. Thanks for reading!

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    • Ashleymckinnon profile image

      Ashleymckinnon 6 years ago from Coleman, WI

      No problem!

    • Dale Hyde profile image

      Dale Hyde 6 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

      Thanks, myway, for the clarification, and I agree with that 100 percent. :)

    • myway720 profile image

      myway720 6 years ago from Gresham, Oregon

      Hi Ashley! Thanks for reading and for your comment. I, too, had trouble with this hub's title, so I did change it and I think the new title may sum up this hub better. Again, thanks for your comment.

    • Ashleymckinnon profile image

      Ashleymckinnon 6 years ago from Coleman, WI

      This is a great idea, however, your Hub title makes no sense to me. I think you could sum up what you're trying to portray a little bit better to snag some more readers. Remember, titles are everything :)

    • myway720 profile image

      myway720 6 years ago from Gresham, Oregon

      Hi Dale! I do agree with you that many supplements are good for you. But some of the ones that this particular guy was promoting were not holistic and were chemical based, not natural, but were advertised as being such.

      Thanks for reading and for your comment.

    • Dale Hyde profile image

      Dale Hyde 6 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

      Overall a great and informative hub! However, I would disagree with you on the disadvantages of supplements and the "valid" reasons given by whom ever was promoting them. The information given was accurate by my rating. Holistic medicine has been around for many, many years, far predating medical "doctors" as we know them today, and much of the treatments deemed "medical" today, stem from the earlier use in a holistic manner. The use of herbs and supplements is something I do, something I teach and something I learned from Chief Two Trees, a Cherokee medicine man which I have written a hub about.