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You can Start a Cash Business

Updated on November 5, 2009


Starting a cash business is exciting and profitable, you will learn the tips that have worked for others.  Once you have this knowledge starting other cash businesses will be a breeze, it's just rinse and repeat.

Cash businesses

With very little money you can start a cash business.  Business cards cost $4,from,

business phone number you can use a prepaid cell for $10 from, shirts with your business on them - $6 from and the list goes on.  Advertising can be done for free online at craigslist, and other online directories.  You could also place your business cards around town to advertise for free.

Cash businesses that can be started cheap are candy machine business, buy one candy machine for $50 used and place it in a business by asking them nicely and your in business.  Take the profits fro that machines and  buy another one, rinse and repeat.

Another cash business would be to go door to door and ask the homeowners if they need yard work done.  You use their tools, lawnmower and collect your money in cash.


Starting a cash business is much more rewarding than working for someone else.  It is also more profitable as taxes are not taken out right away by your employer and although you still have to pay taxes, you hold onto the money for longer before paying it.  If your smart you take the money and reinvest it in your business and when taxes come due use the profits of the business to pay them.


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