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You can not take away, my dream of working with Jackie Chan.

Updated on September 17, 2012

Jackie Chan is the man.

The one person I want to work with, Jackie Chan, and it is not impossible, there many different characters in a Jackie film, so I would fit right in.
The one person I want to work with, Jackie Chan, and it is not impossible, there many different characters in a Jackie film, so I would fit right in. | Source

No one can stop me from doing what I want in life.

I bet I can make you smile.

I'll mention two words, someone's name,


See, I bet you smiled.

I know there are people out there that have dreams,

but are afraid to follow their dreams.

I think people are told, that they can't do something.

I also tend to think, that society, will put people down,

who dream and are artists.

What right do people have, to tell people they can't do something?

Well no one can take away my dream, to work with Jackie Chan.

I don't care what anyone says, and anyone that doesn't like

my dream, they shouldn't worry about my life and care about their own.

It amazes me, with how many people I have spoken with, how

people can react and say someone shouldn't do something.

I already know what it is.

When people sometimes are stuck in their own lives,

or if someone else wants to achieve something;

the people that are stuck and unhappy with their lives,

will do anything in power to make others miserable.

But more than likely, those that have a good heart,

can overcome the negativity and the negative people,

cause they have the strength to overcome all odds.

It doesn't matter if people are negative towards me,

cause those that are in my life, are the most positive people.

You really have to have a sense of humor for "haters".

Maybe there are worse terms for these type of people,

so calling people "haters" are more of a polite term, to call them.

Ever notice successful people tend to be really happy?

Well it's because they actually worked their butts off, to

achieve their success.

To achieve a dream, you can't sit around, eating

twinkies and sitting around on your butt, complaining.

You actually have to physically move and make the

effort yourself.

If you have a dream to work in the entertainment business,

it is alot of networking, writing, video chat, and many things.

Connecting and making connections with the right people.

There is a whole big world out there and to make it happen,

you have to go out into the world and just do it.

Of course you already know, the people that are probably

are busy, worrying about your life, are probably the most,

ignorant, people, who only evolve within their own backyard,

and don't intend to learn anything.

That's very sad and live in denial that people can

achieve success in their own way.

You know, you never have to worry about getting the last laugh.

I honestly don't have to get a "last laugh", cause I get to laugh

everyday at happiness that I have in my life, and I continue

to spread the good word and tell people, they can do it too.

Hey really, think about it.

If I want to work with an international superstar, like Jackie Chan,

come on, don't you think you can do your dream too?

Nothing is impossible.

Making impossibilities, realities, that is my favorite saying.

Well another thing;

Ever notice the people that say you can't do something,

are so full of hot air, and complain about everything.

Kind of pathetic.

I guess when people have no lives, and are not creative,

they create drama, cause they have nothing better to do

with their lives.

I guess that's what happens, when people are ignorant,

and stunt their growth, really sad.

I am very lucky and blessed and feel very honored,

to have a teacher and belong to a school.

Education is the key to evolve and grow.

Expanding your mind, will in turn, help

with your dream, and that's how

I'm achieving mine, with help of other

people, who have real experience,

with things I need help in.

I am glad and am thankful that

I get this opportunities that ignorant,

unhappy people will never know about.

I guess this is what happens, when you stay

uneducated and after awhile, their ugliness shows,

and they grow old real fast.

Another thing is, I will not be someone, who

is going to sit and rot away, in a rocking chair

on a porch.

I have no idea, who came up with the idea,

sitting around growing old in a rocking chair,

maybe people who were unhappy with themselves,

cause basically sitting round growing old in a rocking

chair is like placing one foot in a grave, so

I guess people want to grow old before their time.

I think that is just a waste of life.

But I'm glad I'm not that way.

I live my life to the fullest everyday.

Every opportunity I get, I will keep doing everything

I can.

I'll keep on expanding my actor's resume,

and been looking into many different things.

I enjoy life and refuse to grow old before my time.


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  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile image

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 5 years ago from worldwide

    Magdaleine, who doesn't like Jackie :)

    All you got to do, is just take the first step :)

  • Magdaleine profile image

    Magdaleine 5 years ago

    Hi Shelly... a good reminder for me to work hard in order to achieve my dreams. By the way, I also like Jackie Chan... :)