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40+ Places That Pay You to Blog

Updated on February 3, 2011

When you think of writing, you can remove the academics, research, reporting, and essays associated with it. Think about something you love to do, or something you have a great deal of knowledge about. Now instead of telling me about it verbally, just type it out on a customized space you've created. Now you're writing about something you love and earning money from it too. You can earn money writing by blogging for private clients, writing reviews that can evenutally turn to paid ones, promoting products to sell and writing seo articles as well as adsense. So now, digg in and enjoy.

1. Get Paid From

 Here's how it works. You simply sign up for your free account and start blogging. Once you post to your blog Google Adsense advertisements are automatically generated and embedded into your blog. Revenue that is generated through these ads are split 50/50 between us and you, the blogger. The more popular your blog, the more money you make, it's that easy.

2. Blog Republic

We’re looking for high-quality bloggers who are dedicated to maintaining blogs on subjects that interest them. Our interest is in recruiting strong bloggers who are willing to post constantly for money.

We need bloggers for the following subjects:

  • Gadgets
  • Cell Phones
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • HDTV
  • Health/Weight Loss
  • Stocks/Stock Market
  • The subject you’re most passionate about here

We pay via PayPal on the second of each month, after the months where the posts were made has ended.

3. Content Quake

Content Quake is a great community of bloggers. We enable you to blog about areas that you love, and make a little money too. We help with all the essentials of getting a blog going and keeping it maintained. This allows you to blog - without all the headaches. And you get the benefits of being a part of a network. The network provides a platform for you to reach potential readers in a way that is hard to do on your own.Content Quake utilizes a pay per post compensation method for our writers.If you love the area you are writing about and are willing to learn, you may be a great fit for these CQ positions.

4. Creative Webblogging

Get paid to blog with us at Creative Weblogging! We are one of the largest blog networks, with over 135 blogs in five languages. We will help grow your online reputation, establish you as a thought leader - and pay you, too.

5. 451 Press

451 Press is always looking for bright, talented writers who want to have their voices heard. We are looking for writers with unique voices to contribute to our growing network of blogs. Our blogs cover a wide range of topics. If you have a passion for a subject then we just might have a place for you.

6. B5 Media

When you blog for b5media, you're part of a diverse, passionate blogger community.

We believe it's not just about setting you up with a topic and template for your blog - at b5media, you'll be a part of a network of bloggers you can count on for tips, tricks and advice on how to successfully attract readers and grow your traffic. You can find the most recent openings for our current blogs posted at the Problogger Job Board.

Occasionally we feature guest posts on some of our larger blogs. Please check out Splendicity, Blisstree, Bizzia, or EveryJoe for more information.

7. Demand Studios

A Bigger Stage for Your Blog

Your voice should be heard beyond your blog. We have an audience of millions waiting to hear from you.

With the power of Demand Media Studios, we are offering a new platform to help great bloggers like you be even more impactful and successful. Whether your goals are building your online brand, driving more traffic to your blog, or positioning yourself as an industry expert, the Demand Media Blog Distribution Network can help

8. Blogger Party

Welcome. Join the party, where people from around the world join together to share their thoughts, ideas, rants, daily journals, reviews, and lives with each other each and every day. Write about what you want, when you want, meet people, and have fun. Plus, make some money doing it, too.

Blogger Party is a blog hosting website centered around its community, where all your blogs are displayed on the front page of the site. We offer all of the features that many of the major blog hosts provide, except we're way cooler. Seriously.

9. BloggerWave

More and more people have their own blog. And it’s expanding with close to 200,000 new blogs being created every day. No wonder. It’s so easy to get started. Surf to It’s the number one place to create and host your blog. And it’s for free! Now you are ready to air your opinions on the net. And to make money! Your opinions will quickly turn into gold. But first you need to register with us here at Bloggerwave.

10. Blog Distributor

  • Get paid to write your opinions about products & services on your Blog.
  • We provide buyers for your Blog Posts.
  • It costs you nothing to join.
  • The more popular your Blog is, the more you get paid, but every Blog is valuable.
  • Your unique perspective matters.

11. Families

A Blogger is a paid professional writer who posts regularly on a given topic. A Blogger writes articles with a minimum of 300 words. Bloggers can blog for many different topics--as long as they have the expertise to write in that subject area.

A Blogger must be versatile, creative, experienced and well informed on their chosen topic. They must have a solid grasp of the English language and be able to edit their own work as well as take the direction of an editor.

12. QJ is always hiring paid bloggers! We're looking for people who are obsessed with a certain subject and have a desire to write about it. Are you an intelligent, insightful, and witty writer? We want to hire you with a paid position blogging for!

We are hiring bloggers for all of our current blogs, as well as new future blogs. If your passion isn't something we currently cover, let us know what it is, and maybe we can open a new blog about that subject! All blogs will get equal promotion and advertising, giving them all an equal chance to hit the big time.

13. BlogHerAds

We aren't currently accepting applications, but when we are open, we're looking for blogs

  • over 90 days old
  • open to comments
  • that are updated weekly (preferably twice a week, or more)
  • free of any advertorial or sponsored posts, and compensated product reviews
  • that are not password-protected
  • without profanity in the title and/or URL
  • that don’t publish adult content
  • that don’t belong to another ad network, requiring “above the fold” placement
  • hosted by a service that allows advertising (some do not)
  • not hosted by a service that places graphic banners at the top of the page
  • written by women, or with a demonstrated female audience
  • that adhere to our Editorial Guidelines

14. Blogvertise

Blogsvertise! It's simple. Earn cash and generate extra income from your blog!

Our Advertisers want YOU to mention and talk about their websites products and services in your blogs and journals. They want the publicity, the exposure, the Buzz! that online bloggers and internet journals can generate for their web site products and services. In exchange blogsvertise pays YOU in paypal per task/blog entry, for writing / talking about / mentioning their website in your blog!


Looking for freelance writing jobs? Well, has an open freelance writing job that may be perfect for you. If you are interested in freelance writings jobs and enjoy writing and communicating with your readers then sign up now. This freelance writing job allows you to manage a freely hosted sub-domain name and write about anything you want. Get PAID monthly! Sign up for's freelance writing job! If you have friends that are also looking at freelance writing jobs let them know about our open freelance writing job here at!

16. Contextual Style

Blog publishers can earn cash by placing links on their website(s). We send all jobs through e-mail and you must respond through e-mail. All payments are sent by Paypal, and we make payments as soon as we review the link placement just to verify its relevant. We also make sure the content has not been duplicated from any other website(s), so in other words create high quality content that will attract visitors.

17. Pay Per Post

Are you a genius? Do you eat, sleep, and breathe the Internet and social media? If so you may be the right person for a rewarding career with the most creative group of disrupters out there. Get an Awesome Job!

18. Parents Squad

Apply Today!
If you have great parenting tips and stories to share, email us at with the following:

Three sample posts of at least 400 words in length. The three sample posts MUST be on topic. Please do not just send us a link to your blog. Links to your site(s) can be given as additional references to your work, as well as other samples that are off-topic. We are specifically looking for articles that are informative and helpful, rather than witty and entertaining (although being so helps, too). When it comes to blog writing, it matters less that you are a great writer, and more that you can provide quality content. Your samples should show that you can write authoritative, helpful, and useful content.

19. Smorty

Smorty has the worlds largest network of high quality blogs. Each and every blog is carefully reviewed before accepting them to our advertising network.

Our blogger community is built on ethics and the desire to help each other generate money from their blogs.

Advertisers can have articles written about their products or services with a link to their site (blog advertising). Bloggers can make money by writing opinion article posts and by pay-per-click advertising commissions.

20. Sponsored Reviews is a blog advertising network that allows you to build links, increase traffic, and improve search engine rankings on your website(s). We have tens of thousands of independent bloggers who will write blog reviews about your site on their blog. Also referred to as Paid Posts, blog reviews are a great way to increase your search engine rankings and traffic.

If you are a blogger interested in getting paid to blog, you will find that SponsoredReviews has hundreds of advertisers willing to pay you to do reviews of their sites. Blog Reviews are an easy way to earn money on your blog. Come check us out.

21. Review Me

How it Works

  • Submit your site for inclusion into our ReviewMe publisher network. Begin by creating a free account using the link below.
  • If approved, your site will enter our ReviewMe marketplace and clients will purchase reviews from you.
  • You decide to accept the review or not.
  • You will be paid $20.00 to $200.00 for each completed review that you post on your site.

22. Loud Launch

How It Works

It's really simple.

  • Register for an account -- it's free.
  • Add your blog or blogs for review.
  • Following your blog(s) approval view Advertiser's "Live Campaigns"
  • Select to Blog about Campaign Releases that match your interests
  • Blog away, add our small disclosure statement, and earn
  • Get paid every 30 days!

23. PayU2Blog

Our focus at is to make sure that bloggers receive a steady stream of work each week and don't feel they have to compete for their paid blogging assignments. Join our exclusive community of bloggers and start getting paid to blog today.

Why we don’t respond to every blog submitted...

The answer is really simple, we receive too many to respond, there are so many blogs submitted it doesn’t make sense for us to respond to every blog submission. We only notify blog owners who have blogs that qualify.

Thanks for your interest in PU2B.

24. Link Worth

  • Sell ads and monetize your site with relatively little maintenance
  • Earn up to 70% of ad revenue recurring monthly in most situations
  • Get paid to blog and write reviews for products & services
  • Tons of advertisers, from Fortune 500 to small businesses
  • The more websites you list, the more money you earn
  • Manage all of your published ads and websites with our Control Center

25. Social Spark

Bloggers can make money blogging by either placing ads on blogs or writing blog reviews. All bloggers must adhere to our strict Code of Ethics.

26. V7N

Do you own a blog? Blog publishers in the Contextual Links @ V7N Network make cash and get paid by PayPal for simply adding text links to their blog posts. Currently publishers make $10 per link.

Sign up now and start making money today!

27. Blog To Profit

Now you have a way to make Guaranteed Money for posts to your blog! No Kidding! Join this exciting new program and get your first order after your blog is reviewed! How does it work? We connect you with advertisers that are interested in sponsoring your blog, you post to your blog and get paid!

28. Snap Bomb

You are a blogger. You write to hundreds or even thousands of readers that come to your blog for your insights. You have written about products, events, companies, and your interests and you have not seen a dime for all the sales you have generated for companies. Wouldn't it be nice to get paid for your efforts? Well, now you can. With Snapbomb advertisers will pay you for your opinion. Find an opportunity, post a blog, and earn money right away. Make hundreds or thousands of dollars each month doing something that you love.

29. Wise Bread

Do you know a lot about personal finance or frugal living?

Would you like to share that knowledge with tens of thousands of readers while earning money for your writing?

Then join the Wise Bread's blogging community!

30. Digital Journal

We also offer everyone the chance to get paid to report news as a Digital Journalist. As a pioneer in revenue-sharing online, devised a way to ensure all contributors could get paid for their work and we were one of the very first sites where regular people get paid for contributing. Unlike most websites where bloggers post for free (and the company takes in all the ad revenue), shares a portion of its advertising revenue with all Digital Journalists through what we call our “moneypot.” With an always-growing cash pool, every single Digital Journalist gets a chance to compete for a share of the moneypot. The more you contribute, the more you earn.

31. Blogging Ads

"Get Paid to Blog". "Make Money Blogging". "Blog for Cash". How many times have you heard or read that?

Well, we are serious. We are looking for bloggers to post one-time ads on their blog sites for money. Blogging Ads is an easy way for you to earn money by doing nothing more than you already do - post to your blog. We pay through Paypal. You must have a Paypal account to be paid.

This will be the easiest way ever to make money blogging. We will supply the advertisers, the text and the money, all you have to do is post the ad on your blog. If you want to write the post yourself, you can. We reserve the right to approve the blog posting, but we are also appreciative of the effort and staying true to your blog.

32. Know More Media

Know More Media invites you to become a contributing author to our blog network specializing in business information and news. We seek topical experts who are also savvy at blogging and building online readership; you must be committed to growing the blog's traffic and understand how to network online. We want people who can write with a clear, strong, competent, and honest voice. If you have a passion, knowledge, or expertise in a certain business topic or industry, you may be an ideal candidate to become a Know More Media Author.

Authors are paid a combination of base pay rate and traffic commission, and they typically earn from $100 - $800 per month. All authors are expected to publish an average of one post per day, as well as perform the blog promotion and networking necessary for blog traffic growth and the success of online media.

33. The Newsroom

Here is how you get paid! When video news content with an advertisement is played by your viewers, you'll earn a flat-rate CPM (cost per thousand plays). All our payments are calculated using a CPM (cost per thousand). This means for each video play, you are earning a fraction (1/1000) of the flat rate. As a registered participant of theNewsroom, we track your success. Each time you login, be sure to click on myRevenue to chart your earnings!

34. Print N Post

The More Articles and Blogs you create the more revenue you can make from adsense. Please make sure it is original work and not a cut and paste of other articles. Just keep submitting content and keep an eye on your Adsense account and you will see page views and eventually clicks(Revenue).

35. All Voices

The Build Your Allvoices Brand Incentive Program is a new and exciting online initiative to reward contributors from all over the world with cash incentives for building a strong brand of their own on Allvoices by sharing on-the-ground news and opinion, gaining influence and achieving a global reach. Our incentive program is designed to reward writers, journalists, bloggers, students, photographers, video makers and citizen reporters who use the Allvoices platform to build a personal or professional brand including a completed profile, a creative works portfolio and a global fan base by connecting with existing users, inviting others to join and promoting their contributions outside of Allvoices.

36. Prevention Buzz Blogger

  • Are you interested in fitness, nutrition, and healthy living?
  • Do you have recipes, stories, and personal experiences to share?
  • Become a Prevention Buzz Blogger and see your articles, pictures, and more published on
  • Get Paid (up to $100 per month)

37. All Women Stalk

Now You‘ve got a unique opportunity to become our team mate! This will give you the possibility of sharing your very own passion with other women all around the world! You will become a famous in your fav field and thousands of people will religiously read your advice and will admire You!

All you need to get started is:

  1. Read our editorial guidelines.
  2. Fill in the form below.
  3. Wait from 24 to 48 hours for our editor to review your post. You will receive a message from our editor Olga about your post status.
    (!) Because of to much submitted post it can takes a bit longer then 2 days, sorry for that.

38. Biz-News, is an online media group providing business news to consumer electronics professionals, worldwide (please visit for more information)

We are now looking at setting up a network of bloggers, world wide, to address major industry events and report to our readers latest consumer electronic markets trends and news.

We are looking at working with "local" bloggers, with experience in consumer electronic industries and more specifically in the VOIP, Storage, Wireless/Smartphone, HDTV industries.

We look at partners bloggers covering events on our behalf. We are also welcome a regular writing activity feeding our 4 medias with business interviews, articles, event summaries, technology trends… We look at receiving at least one article/interview per month.

39. Soul Cast

  • Blog without constraints for FREE

    Joining SoulCast is free. You get to blog anonymously--uncensored and without constraints. Write about your life and receive real feedback from people who get you. Learn more...
  • Get PAID to blog

    Still using MySpace, LiveJournal or Xanga? If you're going to blog, why not get paid? When you sign up, you can make money through ads on your blog that generate revenue every time a reader clicks on an ad. It's free and easy! Learn more...

40. Bloggertizer

Advertisers: easily find bloggers who are ready to write about and link to your site
Bloggers: you can earn extra cash by putting links on or writing articles to post on your blog

41. Blogatize

Are you passionate about blogging? Would you simply love to make money blogging? If yes, you are indeed in the right place. You would be surprised to know just how profitable maintaining a Weblog is. More and more bloggers are now getting into this line today and are making a decent sum of money each month. Your earnings by way of blogging really depends on what your target is and how much time you are willing to spend on it each day.

42. Factoidz

Factoidz is an expert blogging community where you can earn revenues for producing high-quality factual content. Share your unique insights and promote yourself as an expert in your field.


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