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Your Wind-Down Routine After Work

Updated on February 9, 2017
Jesse Brjoz profile image

Jesse Brjoz is a writer, entertainer and self-made woman who lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and two Burmese cats.

Sit back, relax, unwind!
Sit back, relax, unwind!

Unlike a 9-5 office job in which you’d finish and then sit for an hour in peak hour traffic (stressing, blood pressure boiling), you need to realise how lucky you are as someone who works from home to have the opportunity and flexibility to choose a suitable wind-down routine to wrap up your day.

A wind-down routine is just as important as mentally driving yourself to work. This is where you learn how to step back over the invisible line and close up the office for the evening. Remember those times when you were working in that 9-5 office job and couldn’t help but bring all your work stresses home with you? We cannot allow this to happen! Your home is your sanctuary and you need to protect your emotional connection with it by clocking-off work and allowing yourself some time to expel any work-related stresses. Here are a couple of ideas for wind-down-routines that you might like:

  • Once you’ve turned off all your office equipment, go and sit out in the backyard for ten-to-fifteen minutes for some fresh air.
  • You’ve finished for the day, pour yourself a glass of red and listen to a couple of relaxing songs on your CD player.
  • You’ve been sitting on your bum for hours, time to shut everything down and take yourself off for a leisurely stroll around the block.

Unlike the routine you choose to mentally drive yourself to the office (which you should always try to keep consistent) feel free to vary your wind-down routine each day to suit your mood. The most important part of a wind-down routine is to give yourself ten-to-fifteen minutes of quiet, uninterrupted reflection time so you can ease back into the comfort of your own home.


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