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Zyma web hosting: Unlimited web hosting isn't truly unlimited

Updated on May 18, 2016
The advert on the Zyma website - no mention of a file limit on the homepage
The advert on the Zyma website - no mention of a file limit on the homepage

When I signed up to Zyma Technologies web hosting package I was hooked by the companies offers which included unlimited web hosting. However, I would soon discover that 'unlimited' wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

It was almost by accident that I discovered Zyma's web hosting wasn't truly unlimited. Having purchased a home IP camera, I decided to test the camera's FTP upload function...and promptly forgot about it. Over the next 3 weeks my IP camera would upload thousands of still images to my Zyma web hosting account.

The first I new of the problem was when I could no longer upload to my Wordpress site. I received an error message telling me that my hosting quota was full. So I immediately contacted Zyma to ask for a fix.

Later that say, I received a response advising that my web hosting was full and that I needed to delete some files. Naturally I was surprised to do the unlimited web hosting package I had purchased so responded to Zyma explaining that my account couldn't possibly have reached a limit as it was unlimited. The response I received from Zyma was a surprise:

"There is no limit on disk space, but you have a limit of 250,000 files on each account. If you need any higher, you may want to look to upgrade to our semi-dedicated hosting addon service.

For more information, login to your Zyma account and click on Websites -> Extras -> Semi Dedicated option."


I felt like Zyma had misled me, so I replied saying that the limit on files was never made cleared. The response from Zyma was that the limit on the number of files was in the terms of purchase.

Sadly, Zyma misleadingly hide the terms on their website under a URL called "Legal" and so I hadn't seen the limit.

There is no limit on disk space with Zyma, but you have a limit of 250,000 files on each account.

Zyma aren't the only company guilty of misleading advertising

Sadly, the kind of practice of hiding terms in small print on other webpages within a website isn't restricted to Zyma. There are, in fact, lots of companies at it including 1 and 1 internet who have been at the centre of many complaints over the past few years.

So beware - if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.


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