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Are you scared of losing your business due to an accident?

Updated on November 13, 2013

Are you afraid that your car might get wrecked by an animal outside?

Are you one of the people who always scared that you might lose your business due to accident? Are you afraid that one day your house will be on fire, alive but lose everything? Are you afraid that your car might get wrecked by an animal outside? Or are you one of those people who do not want to go to the hospital even if you don't feel good because you are afraid that you can't pay the entire hospital bill? If your answer is yes then one thing is for sure, you need an insurance to help you out and be free from all the worries that you have. Do you want to enjoy life, sleep well at night, and go to the hospital if you feel that you need to because you know that you are covered? You can start it today by signing up with one of the trusted insurance agencies named Skipworth Insurance LLC.

Small Business Truck
Small Business Truck

Professional Liability Insurance For Your Business

Here at Skipworth you can enjoy the great and friendly atmosphere with good and understanding agents around you. Feel free to ask questions and give comments to their quotes. This company located in Georgia and they are running very smoothly for their main focus is on their client's needs and they don't offer a policy to a client whom does not need such a policy. A Great example of this is offer auto insurance to a person who does not own any vehicle, why you will discuss it to them? That's a total waste of your time and their time so what you need to do is to focus on what they truly need.

There are many services that they offer one is personal insurance and that includes auto insurance, home insurance, boat insurance, flood insurance, disability insurance, wedding insurance, even pet insurance, and many more under this aspect. Another service that they offer is business insurance and under this insurance is professional liability insurance, contractors insurance, garage, hotel, business owner's policy insurance and many more. Read and discuss with their agent what kind of service that you need. You can tell them the situations (if there's any) and they will surely understand you and advice you to sign up in one of their services that you truly needs and with the policy that you agreed as well.

One of the not so common services that they offer is professional liability insurance. Do you know what this insurance means? And what it covers? The other term for this is professional indemnity insurance or errors and omissions, this insurance focuses on helping the professional advice and service providing individuals and also the companies who always bear bigger loans due to their client's negligence. This kind of insurance help by protecting those involved in terms of financial lost due to system errors or omission in the service. So if you felt like you are one of the victims of this, feel free to discuss it with one of the agents. You can ask more questions in able for you to understand it much better.

The Skipworth Agency

2500 Old Alabama Road, Alpharetta, GA:
2500 Old Alabama Road, Alpharetta, GA

get directions

General Liability Insurance Georigia

When purchasing general liability insurance online, what factors should you consider? Here are a four considerations to help you make your decision

1.. Get at least three bids before choosing a policy.

2.. Can I get a discount with multiple policies?

3. Am I part of a trade or professional associations that would provide possible discounts, and/or offers.

4. Am I paying for more risk coverage than really needed?

With these four considerations in mind, you will be better prepared to make a general liability purchase. And for a better explanation of these considerations, feel free to contact a customer service representative today!

Getting the Right Insurance policy can mean the different

If you are not taking into account in your business plan the possibility that you may get sued due to employee negligence then your plan may be flawed. Having the right policy for your business can save you from having to pay large sums out of pocket in the case of a lawsuit or even in the case of lost product in delivery. That's where your insurance agent can make the difference, placing you with the right policy for the risks your business faces.

Finding something you want? Visit the Amazon store.

Finding The Right Business Insurance

Coverage of this kind can be purchased as a standalone policy or as part of bundle in a Business Owner’s Package, which bundles property and liability insurance into one policy.

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      6 years ago

      Squidoo newbie - learning how things should be done! :) I like your lens layout!

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      6 years ago

      great article! I really love it.

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      6 years ago

      Great article learned a lot from it!

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      Good Article! Thanks!


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