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Why Create an Authority Site?

Updated on June 23, 2013

Why Create an Authority Site?

Starting your own authority site is perhaps the critical ingredient for success in Internet marketing. Think of any successful marketer...and what comes to mind? You know them and buy from them because they are recognized experts in Squidoo, blogging, social marketing, AdSense, Google AdWords, SEO, list building, affiliate marketing, article writing, cooking, sailing or organic food. They have established their reputation and gained recognition through their authority sites. In this lens I want to explore the nature of "authority" and the reasons why you should establish an authority site.

What is an Authority Site?

An authority site is a website, blog or Squidoo lens that demonstrates in-depth expertise or "authority" in a specific niche.

An "authority" by definition is someone who exerts influence, has credibility, gains followers, leads by example and commands attention.

When you think about it, the Internet would not exist if people had not first created authority sites to make it worthwhile for others to use the Internet to search for information. Those early pioneers offered information because they were passionate about their topic. It was only later that we learned to monetize this information provision.

Authority Site Benefits (1): Google recognizes authority sites

Google gives a PR3 or higher ranking to authority sites. The higher your PR, the more frequently your site is visited by the Google bots and the deeper the site is indexed.

Google loves authority sites because they help Google achieve their primary purpose - to provide comprehensive, up-to-date, useful information for searchers. As you build your authority site, Google will gradually recognize your expertise, increase your page rank and place you higher in the search results for your primary keywords,

Authority Site Benefits (2) : You establish your reputation as an expert

Once you have established yourself as an authority, people begin to trust you and follow your recommendations. Your conversion rate soars and daily income becomes a reality.

If you are recognized as an expert people want to associate with you and want to listen to what you have to say.

People will seek information directly from you via phone, social networking sites and email. They will seek to be your friend on Facebook, Twitter, RedGage, Squidoo, LinkedIn and other social networking sites.

Authority Site Benefits (3) : You become the subject of "buzz"

People start sharing information about you and your site with others via blogging, social bookmarking and social networking sites.

If you do a search on Google after you have established your authority site, you will be amazed where your name gets mentioned. For example, you will find references in blog posts and comments in diverse niches. Some of your material will even be translated into different languages, thus automatically broadening your market catchment.

The more people "buzz" about you the greater your traffic and your income. You will see people tweeting about you on Twitter, commenting on your photo and/or status on FaceBook,

Authority Site Benefits (4) : You are trusted by others

People begin to accept your recommendations and will even tell you, "I purchased this product because you recommended it and I believe that you know what you are talking about".

In consequence, your conversions will increase. People are more likely to buy from someone they know and trust than from someone who is completely unknown to them. Of course, while this trust brings huge benefits, it imposes a heavy responsibility - your recommendations have to be well founded and in line with your area of expertise.

Authority Site Benefits (5) : You are sought after

People want to be associated with you. You will receive heaps of genuine requests to accept others as "friends" on the various social networking sites.

More people will subscribe to your ezine and blog RSS feeds. People will leave comments on your blog and Squidoo lenses and often express appreciation for what you have done to help them - which in turn builds your reputation and your traffic.

You will be sought after for interviews and collaborative marketing. Some affiliate marketers will give you free access to their products for evaluation and promotion. You will often get special deals on paid traffic sites and/or specialized access to particular services (that others have to pay for). You might even be able to negotiate higher commissions from affiliate managers because of your reputation.

Authority Site Benefits (6) : You will receive many mutually beneficial offers

Affiliate marketers in your niche will offer you their products free for evaluation and seek you as an affiliate. Prominent people in your niche will want to interview you so that they can offer something of value for their subscribers - and you benefit with increased traffic to your site and product sales.

If you establish yourself as an authority through your site, other marketers will seek you out for joint ventures, product development, interviews and collaborative marketing. You might also receive an offer to be a guest blogger, paid or unpaid.

Authority Site benefits (7): You will have a solid foundation for product launches

Through your developing expertise you will have something unique to offer the marketplace. You will begin to identify potential product offerings that will provide you with a more certain and regular income flow.

You will not be reliant on the priorities of others. Also, because you have established your expert reputation and developed numerous relationships, your product launch will not occur in a vacuum - you will have already established goodwill and trust.

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      Thanks for the helpful information. Haven't started a lens yet but we are enjoying reading all of the articles, and being a part of a great community.

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      nbadillo1 4 years ago

      Thanks for the great article. I have been struggling with my authority page. However, finally I have rank #1 on my site is very exciting. However, Now I have hit a plateau. Do you have any other tips for me? THanks again.

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      lawofficesoftware 4 years ago

      Nice lens; ; authority sites are the way to go.

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      @designstreet61: What measures we have to take in our seo to make it well established authority site?

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      Its really great. I come to know about the authority site structure through your post. Actually i come to know what is all over authority site?

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      You made some good points here. Lots of food for thought.

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      gemjane 5 years ago

      Useful information--thanks!

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      jeffersonline 6 years ago

      I'd urge everyone to have a look at the rest of this lens series on authority sites, it wraps everything up neatly.

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      Virginia Allain 7 years ago from Central Florida

      Hmmm, this really starts me thinking along new lines. I'll ponder this and read your other lens on the topic too. Thanks!

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      Very helpful, thanks! 5*/fav