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The Secret of Why Market Samurai is the Best Keyword Analysis Tool

Updated on February 6, 2010

There are a multitude of choices if you are looking for a good keyword analysis tool. After using several free and paid options, I settled on Market Samurai as the keyword search and primary keyword analysis tool I would use for my internet marketing business. There are several reasons for my choice of Market Samurai. I have tried other tools including one of MS's main competitors, MicroNiche Finder, and I came away much more impressed with the product from the guys at Noble Samurai (the name of the company making this keyword tool). I even convinced a couple of my associates who are using the MicroNiche Finder keyword tool to try it out, and they are purchasing the paid version of it to use in their own internet marketing efforts going forward.

A Good Keyword Analysis Tool

My favorite keyword analysis tool
My favorite keyword analysis tool

For the internet marketer just starting out, many if not most people will simply recommend to use the Google Adwords keyword tool. I second this recommendation, and I typically will use this one as my keyword search tool just for a quick test or to get more ideas for other long tail keywords. I have it as a button on my browser tool bar, so it is very quick to use in this manner. When I am seriously looking to a good job of finding good highly searched but relatively uncompetitive keywords, though, I use the Market Samurai product as the powerful keyword analysis tool that it was designed to be. The good news for those of you starting out who do not have any money available to spend is that this product is available for a free trial to use all the features, and the keyword analysis tool by itself is free to continue using after the trial. There are many other features contained in this product, which secure it in my top spot, that you will only be able to continue using in the paid version after the free trial expires. I will spend a little time explaining what this product can do, and at the end of this hub there is a link to the download page for you to try it out for yourself.

The first step in finding a good niche market to potentially get into to make money online is finding good keywords. Keywords are essential for getting organic traffic rankings from the search engines. Also, if you are into pay per click advertising via Google Adwords or any of their competitors, you need good keyword analysis tools in order to find the best ones. For the most part, Google's keyword tool will do what you want on a basic level, but if you are trying to assess competition and the strength of that competition you will want a good tool like Market Samurai to speed up the process. Rather than cut and paste many keyword phrases into the search bar of Google, and using certain operators to refine my results, all with the intent of determining which keywords are worth targeting, Market Samurai does this and more for you in seconds. Doing it the way I used to would take hours. What is your time worth? Would you rather be moving forward with profitable keywords in your business, or would you rather take all day finding out what those keywords might be?

With the keyword analysis tools provided in Market Samurai, you can not only generate a list of up to two hundred keyword phrases from your initial keyword, but you can then analyze them using a number of filters and parameters you set to zero in on the best ones for you to target. As stated above, you can do this yourself in a multi-step process using the Google Adwords keyword tool and the search engine itself, but the Market Samurai interface allows you to handle it all in one place much more quickly. You can also filter or add additional keywords on the front end before analyzing them, and you can even tell the tool to only give your keyword phrases with at least a certain number of words allowing you to focus on the long tail phrases that are likely to be lower competition and easier to rank for.

Once you get into the part of analyzing your phrases that Market Samurai generates for you using information pulled from Google's own databases, then you can start applying traffic filters and others filters such as competition level or Adwords click value to give you a focused list of prime, profitable keywords you can target. Since a video or picture is worth at least a thousand words, why don't I just let the developers tell your more?

As you may have discovered if you watched those videos, Market Samurai has a lot of tools inside the software with the keyword analysis tool being only one component. Of course it is the main reason to use the software, but it was the Rank Tracker and the Find Content modules that finally decided me to purchase the full version. Another plus is that the software is built on the Adobe AIR platform making it compatible for both Mac and PC users. As I see it, if you would rather spend time working on your business rather than working IN your business, you should try this product. The savings in time for me has already paid for the investment I made. Speaking of this; I personally feel that the price is good considering all that you get. Some may say it's expensive, but if you figure out what your time is worth, I think you will quickly see how inexpensive the product really is. They could charge more if they wanted to, but as it stands they are competitive and it's worth every penny.

If you happen to be brand new to internet marketing the Thirty Day Challenge is a good course to follow. I am lucky enough to have some associates who have shown me much of what I need to know and have referred me to most of their resources that it would take a newbie awhile to find. I did, however, go through the challenge on my own time using Market Samurai. I am happy to report that I did two sites while following along, and both of them rank page one in Google for their respective terms and generate a respectable amount of traffic for sites that are less than three months old. If you are interested in the Thirty Day Challenge, you can get there from this link:

(Update) The Thirty Day Challenge is now called The Challenge

To go to the download page for Market Samurai, go here: (unlinked to appease HubPages nazis)
If you want to see more of the Market Samurai training videos showing what the other modules will do, they are all located here: (unlinked to appease HubPages nazis)


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    • profile image

      Chester Hanson 

      7 years ago

      Stunning Hub! Good key phrase research is paramount for nearly anything published on the internet to be productive. I try to tell people this on a regular basis. People giggle any time I say precisely how much time I research keyword phrases but I prefer to get it perfect. From the website name to article and blog postings, you have got to do good key phrase analysis if you want to position high in the serps or have a profitable PPC campaign.

    • profile image

      SEO Melbourne 

      7 years ago

      Nice post. I love Market Samurai it's a fantastic all in one program.

      I don't think I could live with out it!!



    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hello there Jeff,

      I really appreciate your post.Thanks for taking the time to add this, it was helpful to me. I love market samurai application, and only need to use it now and then. So this is a great refresher also.

      Always enjoying the updates from the you too !!!


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hey Jeff,

      yep MS is a great great tool indeed. There are a few things i whish they would change but any tool has little glitches. However, when you consider all the training market samurai has it cannot be beat.

      The SEO matrix is among the best thing one can really find in a tool. This can really help when trying to get keywords ranked. Its a god send for sure.


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