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Summer Job Options for a 17 Year Old

Updated on October 3, 2015

What types of businesses can a 17-year-old start for a summer job?

Summer means no school, which means no homework, which means more time to do anything one wants, hence summer jobs are probably the most productive way to spend all the free time. This is true for many reasons, first, summer jobs are usually part time and do not require giving away the whole day to work. Second, they are a great way to earn a little pocket money, so summers can be spent relaxing with friends and spending time with them without worrying about asking your parents for money. There is a tradition of making the most of the summer job, and especially in areas with high rate of tourist visit, it is great opportunity. Starting and running a business is tricky enough, to do it at a young age is even harder. So the best advice we can give you is start a business, which promotes a talent, you have. For example, start a business displaying a skill you have but people in your community do not. Take this opportunity to teach them and in the process charge them, and make some money.

Guitar lessons

The first business we are suggesting is guitar lessons. Guitar is a popular musical instrument and very popular among teens. If you know how to play a guitar, why not teach people who want to learn but cannot pay professional teachers to come and teach them. You can do it at your home, fix the timings of the class according to your preference, and teach people. You can even fix the how many in a week you want the class to be held. Offer incentives to your students, and arrange a musical concert at the end of your classes, when your students have learnt to play. It is also a great way to bond with people in your neighborhood, and keep your parents worry free, as you will be conducting classes at home. To substitute this idea, you can give classes of any other musical instrument that you know how to play, like the drums or the piano. However, buying a guitar is comparatively inexpensive and more people are likely to join.

Baking classes

The second idea of a business is giving baking classes. As we have emphasized before, to start a business at young age is difficult, and the best way to minimize risk and maximize success is by investing in your talent, in an inexpensive manner. Men or women, boys or girls, everyone loves baked goods, and some of them have an interest to learn how to bake along with eating baked goods. If you know how to bake cake, cookies or bread, teach them to people at reasonable rates. You can offer them to bring their own ingredients instead of providing them, to further minimize the cost, and teach them in the comfort of your home. If your business goes well, so you can even start to take orders from friends and families, on a small scale, and cater baked goods to their parties and events. Social networking sites will help you here tremendously, and you never know, what starts as a small summer job, can turn in to something big and lucrative.

Tuition for kids

Another business we are suggesting is giving tuition at home to kids in classes younger then yours. This is different then babysitting of course, and you can earn more money this way. You can also provide them tuition at their home, and help out kids in the neighborhood. Another way to spin this is by providing tuition to people in your grade, who need help and have fallen behind. You can charge them a reasonable amount; revise your own curriculum as you help out a classmate. Many kids are also sent to summer school for underperforming during the school year and you can also help them get their grades up, by giving them tutoring. There will be wide market for that and easy for you as well. Many students also take the free time in summer to brush up on their math skills, if you are good at maths, why not teach it to other people at a price. Lastly, this is also an ideal time for students to work on their SATs, if you have any knowledge or training in that aspect go ahead and provide a service.

Jobs on Internet

There are number of money making options on internet most of them allow you to work from home. Here are some examples that might help you.

Buying and Selling

Buy low and sell higher that is the key to this game. You can buy stuff from local yard sales or from people you know and sell them on internet to highest bidder. For bidding there are site like ebay or you can try free classified adds. You will always need an expert advice and some research before buying anything.

Become a writer

I would recommend sites like Hubpages to all teenagers, work for yourself post good quality article and get great rewards . For this you need to read article by top hubpages contributors and learn from them . Do not write about stuff that no one wants to read. This job requires a lot of patience but there is a reward at the end.

Start a Youtube Channel

All you need is camera and confidence. If you have a unique idea then chances are that you will do well on youtube. However there are no guarantees on youtube you'll either make it or get lost among thousand of others.


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