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Buying Janitorial Supplies

Updated on September 20, 2014

One of the most important things to consider when operating the successful janitorial business is purchasing janitorial supplies at the best possible price. Janitorial supplies are a huge portion of your business expense. If you cannot find a way to purchase janitorial cleaning products at the lowest market price, it will be difficult for you bid competitively on janitorial jobs.

There are several ways in which a janitorial cleaning service can make wise purchases. Not all of these methods are applicable to all cleaning services. A new startup companies probably won't have the capital to invest in bulk purchasing. This type of company will have to be more creative with their purchasing decisions.

Midsized janitorial cleaning companies will have a bit of an advantage over startup businesses. They will  steady income likely have a steady income steam and will probably be able to buy their cleaning supplies in larger quantities. Anytime you can buy business supplies in large quantities, you are likely to be able to save a substantial amount of money.

Large, well established janitorial cleaning businesses are most likely in the best position to buy cleaning supplies at great prices. This is simply because they have the money to invest and can make large bulk orders.

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Concentrated Janitorial Supplies

One way and that janitorial companies can save money when purchasing janitorial supplies is to buy cleaning liquids in concentrated forms. Most cleaning products that are marketed to the general public are diluted. This is often done for safety reasons. Some cleaning agents can be dangerous at high concentration levels. Professional janitorial cleaning services are likely to be able to benefit by purchasing concentrated cleaning supplies.

By purchasing concentrated cleaning products the price is usually lower per volume. This is because the manufacturer doesn't have to spend as much money on marketing or packaging. Another advantage of purchasing concentrated products is in saving storage space. If 20 gallons of diluted floor cleaner fits in a 1 gallon container when concentrated, the cleaning service can store a lot more of the product. Many janitorial companies purchase supplies directly from the wholesale distributor. It makes sense that the company would save money if they only had to pay shipping on the a one gallon conntainer vs. 20  one gallon size containers.

Ordering Janitorial Supplies Online

Before the days of the Internet, the only way that a janitorial service could purchase supplies would be through local distributors or by ordering from a catalog.  In this day and age companies have many more choices when purchasing janitorial cleaning supplies.  The Internet has hundreds of companies listed that are eager to sell you the supplies needed for your company.  When more competition has entered into the marketplace, prices are likely to be lower due to the competition.  Buying supplies for your janitorial company online can save you a significant amount of money.

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Buying Janitorial Cleaning Supplies In Bulk.

Buying in bulk can also will save your company a significant amount of money. Companies like Costco are successful for one reason. They can offer lower prices to their club members because they buy and sell in bulk quantities. Not everyone wants to buy 40 bottles of window cleaner at a time but for a janitorial cleaning company buying 40 bottles may save us much of 1/4 the amount of the total cost.

One way that you may be able to buy in bulk even if you don't need 40 bottles is to go in on a combined order with another company. Maybe you can form a relationship with a similar non-competing company. If the two of you go in on an order of 40 bottles, you can both save money. This technique is used quite often in business as it often proves to be mutually beneficial to both parties.

Cash Back Cards

Another way to save money when purchasing janitorial cleaning products, is to pay for orders on a credit card that offers cash back rewards. Several cards give you a certain percentage of money that you spend back at the end of the year as a "thank you" for charging your merchandise on their cards.

It is very very important that you pay the card off before you incur any interest. For example if you buy 10 bottles of concentrated window cleaner on card "xyz", in June, you should pay the entire balance before July to make sure that you don't get charged interest. The interest that you would pay for not paying the card off on time would offset any advantage to using one of these cards. Use the card but be smart about it. Be dedicated and make sure that the bill gets paid before the interest starts racking up.  This is the best way to save money using a cash back credit card.

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