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BzzAgent: Free Products For Members In Exchange For Word Of Mouth Marketing

Updated on October 21, 2008
BzzAgent logo
BzzAgent logo

80% of people would trust word-of-mouth marketing over any other method

Word Of Mouth Marketing

What is more likely to get your attention about a new product, a billboard, or a conversation with a good friend? BzzAgent is banking on word of mouth marketing and so are it's customers.

Major brands such as Tabasco, Sonicare, and Ralph Lauren have all teamed up with BzzAgent to let its company model do it's magic. BzzAgent believes that good or bad, word of mouth advertising is the best method for spreading the word about it's customers products.

Interview With A BzzAgent

The BzzAgent

How does BzzAgent spread the word about it's customers products? BzzAgents. BzzAgents are regular people with an interest in trying out new products. After signup through the BzzAgent website, BzzAgents are given opportunities to try out brand name products and in exchange all they must do is spread the word.

Keeping track with BzzReports, BzzAgents report back to the hive ( website) about who they Bzz'ed and what the reaction was.

BzzAgents are encouraged and expected to be completely honest when speaking with others and when sharing back the response. It is not necessary to "sell" anyone on a product. A BzzAgent is just spreading the word that the product exists.

In return the BzzAgent gets to keep the product and earns points for submitting BzzReports that can be redeemed later for more gifts.

BzzAgent Sends Out GREAT Products To Try

Can you imagine a company just giving away a $150+ Sonicare Toothbrush? How about a $50 bottle of Ralph Lauren HOT Fragrance for Women? BzzAgent does. I have recieved the Sonicare toothbrush twice now, the first time last year, and just recently this year to promote the version with built in tooth brush. The Ralph Lauren HOT Frangrance, it has become my favorite and I am still using that full size bottle I recieved.

These are just some of the products available and they are not hard to get. An invitation is usually sent by e-mail, follow it, sign up, answer a few questions and thats it. Your package arrives in the mail with your product to try along with some information to use when Bzz'ing

BzzAgent does not just give these items to a few people. Their intent is to really spread the word. Thousands of people can get these gifts. All BzzAgents have the opportunity to try these out and spread the word. In addition to the full size products, many times multiples of samples are sent out as well to pass along to friends and family. I have received a box of 30 trial size samples of toothpaste, 10 samples of Nutella chocolate spread, 6 sample vials of Ralph Lauren Hot, the list goes on.

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Whats The Catch

There is none. I've been with BzzAgent for over 2 years. There is nothing to buy, nothing to sell. The reason this works is because everyone benefits.

The BzzAgent customers have access to hundreds of thousands of eager BzzAgents more than willing to create free Bzz in exchange for getting to keep the promoted product.

The BzzAgent company gets to make both the BzzAgents happy with free gifts, and the BzzAgent customers happy with the most effective advertising.

The BzzAgents receive great products to try with a value of $1 to $200. BzzAgents often receive samples included with their packets to pass out to friends. All this just for having a few conversations with friends and family, and strangers if they wish about the product they are trying out.


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    • Lwelch profile image

      Lena Welch 5 years ago from USA

      I joined BzzAgent a few weeks ago and just got my first two campaigns. I am excited to see how it works. Good to see another review of it.