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Different Candy Bins for Store Displays

Updated on February 7, 2015

The Many Uses of Candy Bins

Who does not love candy? Even people with dietary restrictions enjoy treats made especially for them. Candy stores cater to this population, offering a wide array of goodies in various colors, sizes, and types. Were it not for candy bins, these treats would be all over the floor. Bins keep candy organized and sanitary, allowing the treats to sell themselves. However, the uses for candy bins are not confined to the confectionery industry. These containers are also perfect for convenience stores, beauty supply stores, and even catering companies.

The perfect way to promote an impulse purchase is to put a candy container at the checkout or deli counter. Small combs, nail files and clippers, barrettes, and other hair accessories can be stored in their own bins on the shelf of the beauty supply shop so consumers can view the selection and choose what they need. Catering companies use bins to create magnificent displays of nuts, candy, and popcorn. Who needs a boring old chocolate fountain when a variety of goodies can be offered in a wedding treat buffet?

Using Scoop Bins for Displays

Scoop Bins
Scoop Bins

Scoop candy bins have come far since the days they were only available in one style and size. We can now select from styles like radeus, cylinder, round, and divided scoop bins. There are even bins with acrylic tubes attached that create a magnificent display. Whether just a few bins or several bin systems are needed, they can be found at reasonable prices. Oh, and remember, the scoop is included! No need to spend extra cash on these supplies.

Radeus bins feature a curved front lid for customer access and a rear door for stocking. Wire racks are available to store single and double compartment radeus bins on shelves or countertops. Divided bins are great because each container stores two different items. This allows the seller to display twice the assortment of products without using any additional space. Round faced scoop bins are perfect for use in a candy rack or hanging on a slatwall.

Gravity Bins
Gravity Bins

Using Gravity Bins for Store Displays

Bins with a gravity feature allow extra product to be added during a refill. As customers scoop out what they want, the remaining items drop to the lowest level, making the serving area of the container appear full. Gravity bins feature round or angled faces, each with a unique style. Some even have a small false front that makes the entire container always appear full. Using vertical bins like these is a great way to display more items in a smaller space.

The hinged lid of this bin contributes to a sanitary environment when unwrapped candy is stored inside. Shoppers simply lift the outside of the lid, grab the scoop on the side of the bin, and shovel the candy into their bags. Gravity bins are perfect for events like weddings because they allow the caterer to focus on the meal, not refilling food products in these containers.

What Can Our Storage Containers Do For You?

Can you dress up your counter space or create a truly magical display with candy bins? If you are trying to create a beautiful display or encourage your customers to make an impulse buy at the register, visit today!

Make Use of Every Inch of Space with Stackable Bins

Stackable Bins
Stackable Bins

Vertical space is considered prime real estate by many retailers. Stackable bins take full advantage of this area that is not often used. These can be purchased individually or as a single piece unit for sellers who know exactly where they want to place the containers. Ice cream shops find these bins make the perfect topping dispensers. Customers can view the delicious toppings in a single place and make their selections.

Children love small toys and costume jewelry but when these are sold from trays, they end up on the floor. Stackable bins keep these tiny treasures safely contained, making daily store cleaning a breeze. Little ones can view the different items in the lidded containers and reach in to take what they want without disturbing the rest of the products. Storeowners need not keep a watchful eye because these bins advocate looking without touching.

Candy Bins Can Keep Your Store More Organized

Whether you use acrylic scoop bins, gravity bins, or stackable bins, product displays will look much nicer. Shoppers can see everything available and will not worry about displacing other items when choosing what they want. They use the scoops to select the items they want and then close the bin lid for the next customer. A series of bins makes a great treat buffet at a wedding reception or a toppings dispenser area in an ice cream store. Within a retail shop, products are displayed in all their glory and the sales floor appears organized. The best part is, these bins are very inexpensive, whether they are free-standing or part of a rack or slatwall display.


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