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Clean and Sober? Why You Need A New Job

Updated on February 16, 2016
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Cindy has been a Substance Abuse/Mental Health case manager since 2012 and believes that a healthy mind is a happy mind.

Being in recovery from substance abuse is a time of great change and new beginnings. It is time to stop being content to just survive another day and start making the best of every moment. Many come into recovery unemployed and end up settling for low-paying, unrewarding jobs due to lack of skills or lack of confidence that they can get anything better. It’s time to change all that and follow your dreams!

Why the old job may not be an option

Addicts and alcoholics tend to have spotty work histories due to their inability to hold down one job for any significant length of time. Many tend to work in low-paying jobs or in fields where their substance abuse will be the least disruptive. Like an alcoholic working in a bar, for instance, or an addict who works at a day labor company so he can get paid every afternoon. Others work in demanding jobs and use alcohol or drugs to cope with the stress or long hours. Whatever the case may be, when a person gets clean and sober it may not be good idea to return to the same type of job. Being back in that environment can be a trigger for someone in recovery, especially early on, and cause a relapse.

Changing careers is a great way to make a fresh start and begin life anew

When someone begins the journey into recovery it is like getting a second chance at life. Everything seems new and fresh. While a life of addiction leads only to misery and despair, being sober opens up a world of possibilities. The recovering addict begins to realize that if he can overcome something as serious as his addiction, he can overcome just about any obstacle. Self-confidence peaks. What better time than now to start over with a new career.

The government funds programs that will help send recovering addicts and alcoholics to school for free. This could be your chance to follow your dreams!

A career offers opportunities for growth

They are called dead-end jobs for a reason. A job is nothing more than a way to make ends meet. When you have a job, you do the same thing day after day and get a paltry raise year after year. Your skills are wasted and your job performance goes unnoticed. You rarely hear "good job" or "Thank you" at the end of the day. There is little chance of advancement or growth potential.

A career puts your talents to good use and encourages you to improve on them. When you have a career, you are rewarded for your performance and feel the first glimmers of success. It offers you the chance to grow, increase your income and save for the future. Simply put, a career is for life.

Decide what you want to do and follow your dreams

Perhaps you have a knack for something handy already. Let’s say you’ve always loved cars, you excelled at a certain subject in school or are a natural at understanding computers. Those talents can be turned into careers. You could open your own car repair shop or become a teacher or an IT technician. When you take pride in what you do, it shows in your work. Your new career is rewarding. You will love going to work because you enjoy what you do.

Last but not least, you'll be happy. When we're happy, we make better choices. Gone is the misery we tried to numb with drugs and alcohol. Here is a new life full of wonder and excitement!


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