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7 Clearance Sales Tips

Updated on October 22, 2009

Clearance Sales, Anyone?

We are always on the lookout for affordable and cheap things to buy. It’s a bargain if what we happen to find are things we really need for our everyday lives. And if you want to go somewhere to splurge your hard-earned money, might as well take a chance on clearance sales. Clearance sales are usually used by marketing strategists to sell their excess products or when they want to clear out and check their inventory. Clearance sales usually happen in case of a closure of a business due to bankruptcy which leads to going-out-of-business sale. Natural calamities like fire leads to clearance sales called fire sales.

Because of the wide choices available for all, clearance sales are flocked by shopping aficionados and window shoppers like us. We know that even if we don’t find something we need, there is a possibility that we can always find something affordable, useful and new at clearance sales.

Buy A Lot, Save A Lot!
Buy A Lot, Save A Lot!

7 Clearance Sales Tips

1. Always be on the lookout for clearance sales. Check your local newspaper, watch the local channels and listen to the local radio station because many people advertise their clearance sales using these media.

2. Found some clearance sales? List it! Make a list on a calendar so that you will know and you can remember when the clearance sales will be.

3. Get up and go there early. Remember that you are competing with lots of people looking for a bargain. Also, if you found lots of clearance sales all dated in one day, try to visit them all by planning a route. You don’t only get to shop more; you will also save yourself a lot of time!

4. If you find something that you want, grab it and keep it for the mean time. You can decide while holding on to the product because if you just left it lying around, someone else will have bought it and you’ll get angry with yourself for not having to keep it.

5. When shopping at clearance sales, remember to carry small change with you. It’s not only easier to pay with smaller money, it’s also easier to pay if you haggled something originally priced at $20 and you persuaded them to sell it to you for only 1 cent. You’ll never know!

6. Try to look at things very closely before buying them in clearance sales. You want to check if it is working, if it doesn’t have any factory defects and damages on them. Open up board games to see if all pieces are complete. Check the battery compartment of appliances for battery acid corrosion; make sure lights work when buying light fixtures.

7. Haggle when buying. This is necessary when buying at clearance sales because what other choice do the seller have? Nothing. Ask for a lower price when purchasing something and you’ll be surprised at how much you can get a product for a low price.

Not The Kind Of Clearance Sale You Want to Go to...
Not The Kind Of Clearance Sale You Want to Go to...

Save a Lot From Buying at Clearance Sales

You can be pretty sure that you have saved a lot when buying at clearance sales compared to if you had it bought to the local mall or store. And make sure to check what you are buying first before paying. I hope you got a thing or two from reading the tips I made above.


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