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Learn How to Make Money Through Collaborative Combined Corporate Cooperative Effort

Updated on December 1, 2017

How to Make Money Through Collaborative Combined Corporate Cooperative Effort

This HubPage is about "How to Make Money Through Combined Corporate Cooperative Effort."What is Combined Corporate Cooperate?" One famous economist in his text book writing about Specialization of Trade and division of Labor, referred to "Vertical Integration" and "Horizontal integration" in order to achieve economies of scale pertaining to production.

His objective was to show how a country or an industry can greatly benefit from comparative advantage by producing more goods or services than another country or another industry. He also focuses on Specialization and Vertical Integration, the main factors and dynamic driving forces to achieve comparative advantages. The objective was to achieve economies of scale by generating and earning more money over competitors.

He states that when people combined their effort in a collaborative, corporate, and cooperative manner to complete a task, more production will be achieved. As a result he has chosen vertical integration to explain the concept as the best production model.

If a country can produce one unit in exchange for 2 units from another country at the same cost, it means that the country enjoys comparative advantage over the other country.

Horizontal Integration

Horizontal integration is when people are engaged in the same stages of production.

When people are engaged in the same stages of production, it will take each person almost 8 times the time to complete a task.

He referred to the pin making industry to clearly explain the disadvantages of horizontal integration as against vertical integration.

If one person was to make a pin, it would take him almost one year to produce that pin because he would have to perform and complete the following task:

1. Obtain the wire 2. Straighten the wire. 3. Cut the wire 4. Sharpen the point. 5. Make the bend. 6 Make the Pin Head. 7. Attached the head. 8. Dip the pin in the silver liquid for coating.

In essence, it would take when one person is involved in all the stages of production making a pin, it will take that person approximately one year to make a pin. That would be completely uneconomical to any country or industry.

Vertical Integration

Vertical integration is when people are engaged in different stages of production.

Conversely, when people are engaged in different stages of production making a Pin, the following tasks are employed which speed up production and therefore economies of scale is achieved.

1. One person obtains the wire, 2. One person straightens the wire, 3. One person cuts the wire. 4. One person sharpens the wire, 5. One person makes the Bend, 6. One person makes the head. 7. One person attaches the heads. 8. One Person dips the Pin in the silver liquid for coating.

The lesson to learn here is, when a person specializes in a process by doing the same thing over and over, that person becomes very dexterous in performing that same task over and over without making any mistake. He can perform that task flawlessly with his eyes closed.

Therefore, more production will be achieved and Out-Put will increased at a phenomenal rate as a result of each person's contribution.

In order to be successful in "Combined Corporate Cooperative effort" each person must grasp the concept, and objective that everyone is involved with an aim to achieve their goals and objective to succeed.

Each person must play their part and contribute to the cause. It is not just posting an opportunity with an expectation that others will certainly take the time out to view their opportunity while they move on and sit back with the expectation to earn.

That thinking and action would render the entire concept futile and unproductive. Cooperation must be employed, therefore one cannot be just sellers but must also be buyers for the system to work.

Everyone must take time out to view and explore other people's products and services to ensure that the possibility exist there might be an essential product or services worth purchasing that could bring financial success. The objective is everyone must be involved 100%.

If there are only posters and no viewers, then what's the sense of having a community of people trying to achieve success? The profound answer is, there will be no success, pragmatically speaking. Having a home based business gives you the freedom to grow your business on your own terms without any restriction for anyone

People need to move from one level to a higher level in order to achieve success by contributing to what is called a "Shared Vision." Simply states, one aim, one objective, and one goal, in order to embrace the concept. As a result of this concerted effort, every person will grasp the "Shared Vision" and elevate each other to a higher lever of success and achievement.

People must be consistent and also coordinate their effort in order to be successful. Starting a "Home Based Business Opportunity" requires the same concept and process to succeed and progress.

Modern technology has now made it possible to generate substantial income from the comfort of your home by utilizing your desktop computer and laptop, and also by joining a community of people with an aim to share and glean information that contributes to success.

It is important to note that creating a home-based business to generate income requires patience, assertiveness, and perseverance based on the fact that success is not achieved overnight.

How Does A Home-based Business Generate Income Online?

Part of the process of earning income from an online home based business is defined as "Monetizing." The concepts is developed by placing income earning banners or products on the website that generate income.

Let me reiterate, and bear in mind that one must be consistent and determine in order to achieve success and accomplish his or her goal.

Any comment or contribution on this concept will be highly welcome!


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    • success79 profile image

      success79 3 years ago

      Great contribution!!

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      success79 7 years ago

      Thank you ChrisCobb for your observatiob and wonderful comment.

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      ChrisCobb 7 years ago from UK

      Catchy title ;)

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      dominic 7 years ago

      great post, I think a coop is the best business model

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      success79 8 years ago

      Thank you for your comment jayorban

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      jayorban 8 years ago from Chicago, IL.

      well written, very nice hub...

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      success79 8 years ago

      Hi Duchess OBlunt,

      Thank your for your profound comment. I firmly believe that no one can exist all by himself/herself. People need people.

      All the best!

    • profile image

      Duchess OBlunt 8 years ago

      Your thoughts are well laid out and it's easy to understand the underlying message. We each have our own unique specialties. Working together builds a much better and more efficient product.

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      Ron 8 years ago

      Nice Hub! I'll be using those services in the near future...Thanks!

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      success79 8 years ago

      Thank you willydata,

      These are really good resources to explore. They really inspiring.

      Very interseting hubs

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      success79 8 years ago

      Thank you kimberly. Very intersting hub.

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      Sonia 8 years ago

      Any comment or contribution on this concept will be highly welcome!!

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      Sonia 8 years ago

      I really like this community because there is a vast amount of quality resources and information.