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Create a Mobile Site for your Business in 2013

Updated on June 19, 2013
A mobile website will be a lucrative investment for the business
A mobile website will be a lucrative investment for the business | Source

Mobile Content Usage is thriving

Mobile phones have become more sophisticated, accessible and affordable, making them an almost indispensable device for consumers. They access mobile content and the Internet continuously during the day. Many click on links that are promoted in social media networking sites. If these links cannot open correctly on a mobile device, that marketing opportunity is lost.

Smartphone technology is also rapidly improving, enabling more interactivity and different features on these phones. Because of more sophisticated mobile phones, mobile commerce (m-commerce) is also augmenting. Many consumers now use their mobile devices to make purchases online.

A mobile website is a competitive advantage

To have a mobile version of a business website has become a competitive advantage. Businesses who do not invest in a mobile version of their sites might even fail to benefit from potential new customers. A mobile site allows businesses to connect with customers wherever they are at any given time during the day. Interactivity with customers is essential to build lasting relationships with them. A top mobile site, however, is mobile-friendly with simple navigation and click through links to relevant information. It also contains the most essential information that consumers wish to see with limited images.

Many businesses that have invested in a best mobile site, use technology that will detect the mobile channel trying to access the standard website. It then switches to the mobile site when the consumer has typed in the URL of the business. Consumers should always be given the option to switch back to the standard version of the website should they wish to do so. Businesses should also invest in mobile technology that will optimise the website for access through different devices and not only through for, for instance, a BlackBerry device. Google will also index the mobile site if it has an URL starting with an m-. Many mobile site builders are available, some of which are completely free. Google, for instance, has a free mobile website building tool which will simplify creating a mobile website.

Since customers are mobile, businesses should also become mobile to reach them.


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