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Custom Badge Reels

Updated on December 12, 2013

The Advatage of the Custom Badge Reel

The Badge reel is an item which has a number of applications. This is not only in terms of how a finished reel can be used but in other ways, including the way that it is designed and the purposes it can serve.

Custom designed reels can be worn by the buyer's company, offered as promotional products or be given as thank-you gifts.

If you own and/or operate your own business you should consider purchasing custom badge reels.

What Makes a Great Promotional Item?

Companies, all over the world purchase promotional items. Promotional products are a great way for any business to obtain some extremely valuable advertizing. Among the most common products chosen for this task are custom badge reels.


Because, it is one of the very best products for this application. If you have not realized this before, the article which follows will help you to understand many of these reasons.

Badge reels have an extremely long life. There is no point in spending money on an item which may only last for a few days or weeks.

Badge reels are not a fragile product. There is little chance that these items will be damaged during either shipping or handling. This also means that there is little chance of them being damaged once they are in the hands of the recipient.

A reel can be customized. The name of the company can be printed onto the reel. This can be done either directly or indirectly. When a buyer is choosing a reel, they will also be presented with numerous variations and combinations. Among these choices will be the make, color and model. Additionally, the buyer will have to select two styles on clasps.

People wear badge reels. This means that the reel will be seen every day by the user and by everyone who comes into contact with the recipient.

Storage can be an issue for many small companies. However, badge reels are an extremely small product; even hundred of reels will require little space. Furthermore, they have no special storage needs. They can be subjected to either cold or hot temperatures without suffering any ill effects. They will also not be damaged if they remain in storage for long periods of time.

Some products that companies consider are geared towards either men or women. The badge reel is not one of these. They can be worn by both men and women, young and old.

Price is going to be a major part in the decision making process of any company. Companies which are choosing a giveaway item have to make certain that the product will make up in advertizing, the money which a business will have to spend on them. Reels, regardless of the model that a business chooses, will not be expensive.

Customization, price, longevity, and hardiness are just a few of the numerous reasons why a reel is an ideal promotional item.

Places To Distribute Promotional Items

Once a company gets their badge reels, they are going to have to distribute them.

Companies often hand out their reels at trade fairs or shows. One of the main purposes of these kinds of events is to give businesses a chance to show off their new products or services to whole sellers, distributors and the general public.

Businesses can distribute their reels at all kinds of local functions:

Flea Markets

Farmer's MarketsSports TournamentsSchool EventsCommunity Garage SalesBlock PartiesChurch Bake SalesSwap Meets

The list is virtually endless.

Any company which is considering distributing their badge reels at these types of events might want to consider approaching organizers beforehand.

There are various reasons for this. In some cases i.e. a local sports tournament, organizers might be adverse to a company simply arriving and distributing products without their permission or knowledge.

The other benefit of taking this approach is that you might be able to enlist the assistance of the organizers or one of the teams. Organizers might be willing to not only permit you to distribute your items they may be willing to include them in a "welcome" package for visiting teams and supporters.

If you are intending to offer promotional items, it is essential that you have a strategy.

The Thank-You Token

Custom Badge Reels can be used to express your business' gratitude.

Not every company realizes the value to be had from offering a simply thank-you t its customers. Research has shown that one of the main reasons that people will change companies, or shop at a different location, is because they feel that the company with whom they have been doing business does not value them.

When choosing a token, a company should make certain that it is one which is not "cheap". Offering cheap or poorly made products can have a worse effect than doing nothing. However, a well designed useful badge reel can have an extremely positive affect.


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