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Customer Care is Key for Small Business

Updated on March 8, 2015

Help Your Customers Help You

Your community can help you put down roots and grow your business. You likely have a quality product or service to offer if you're in business. The way you present your offerings makes your business fruitful. Some say talking to plants will encourage them to grow. Small companies can benefit from the same nurturing practices. Small businesses can find a niche through surveying customers and neighboring businesses. Employ personalized service to attract and keep patrons.

Spend Money on Main Street-Not Wall Street!

Spend Money on Main Street-Not Wall Street!
Spend Money on Main Street-Not Wall Street!

Small Business Survival: The extra mile.

So how does a mom and pop store survive? Imagine a small store in a big city where there are many popular stores to choose from. It's paramount to find your niche. Personalized service is important for any small business competing with chains.

Emphasis on service in a world where practices are homogenized is a good way to get the edge. Placing the focus on customers who really need service is appreciated and good for business. Seniors and the disabled are sometimes overlooked in mainstream business. Small businesses catering to their needs can fulfill that gap and forge a long term relationship.

Implementing a free delivery service is a good solution for anyone over the age of 65 and disabled customers of any age. Delivery during business hours and after hours is above and beyond with today's fuel prices. Putting money into your business this way can solidify a customer base. Many elderly and disabled customers have no one to take them shopping for staples and emergency items. Overworked single parents and others may also benefit from delivery for a nominal fee.

Be Social With Customers

Talking to customers to find out what they want is a good way to build rapport and stock shelves strategically. Inventory in a small business may not rival that of a chain store with more square footage. Offering specialty or ethnic items not found in most chains can attract business. It's a good idea to reflect on the people in your community to determine what their customs are and act accordingly.

Everybody loves a freebie and they will come in droves. Spend money on customer appreciation by offering free samples or services as often as your budget allows. People are more likely to spend money after having tried something first. It's also beneficial to create good cheer so that customers will associate positive experiences with your establishment. It can't hurt to offer hot cocoa and cookies in cold weather no matter what kind of business you run. Go ahead and have a cup of hot cider at christmastime with patrons and know that feeling of warmth will bring them back.

Use Social Media to provide your customers with a platform to help you serve them well. This gives them the opportunity to connect when it is convenient for them. Customers will likely touch base more often and offer more information in this kind of format. Some tools to put on a facebook page can include surveys and customer appreciation photos. The surveys may incite valuable information on where improvement is needed. The appreciation photos could attract new customers who seek to enjoy the products and services like the currently depicted customers. Hang signage in your establishment to let patrons know they can post and follow your business on facebook or twitter. More importantly, let them know they are welcome to have a chat with staff in person to address any concerns or to give feedback.

Regularly connecting with and knowing your customers as individual people will make your business a staple in the community; especially if you plan to enjoy being a part of their lives for a very long time.

Participate In Small Business Saturday - Shop Small!

For more information, please visit:

Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit, talks about the importance of Small Business

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