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Direct Sales Business and Advice

Updated on January 9, 2017

Direct Sales Companies!

Direct sales businesses seem to be one of the fastest growing industries for individuals in the United States to start their own business from the comfort of their own home. It is a great opportunity for single parents, stay at home moms, students, or basically anyone looking to earn an income from home, or to supplement their existing income due to financial strain. In today's market you can sell anything from cosmetics to auto supplies or even financial supplies. If you are interested in getting into the direct sales industry you should do some research before jumping into anything, and be sure that your area has a market for the certain items that you will be selling.

I have no personal affiliation with any of the sites that I recommend on here. I am sharing them because I find them helpful.

If you have not found a direct sales company these may interest you:


Mary Kay

Passion Parties

Pampered Chef


There are many more in many different industries. Be sure the products are something that you can sell prior to making a decision.

Here is a great list of direct sales companies

Direct Sales Moms

Direct Sales Moms is a website that I believe will be helpful for moms as well as dads that are in the direct sales business, or interested in entering the direct sales industry in the future. There is support and helpful tips for promoting, party planning, inventory control and many other topics that can be very beneficial to you as a business owner. If you are in a direct sales business take a look at there site, it will not hurt to see what they have to offer for anyone in the direct sales industry, or looking into starting.

Direct Sales Moms


Direct Selling 411

If you are truly interested in direct sales, look at the site Direct Selling 411. This is one of the top sites that I have found that provides great information on all varieties of companies. The site has tips, advice and more. I recommend you check out any company on this site due to the relevant information that they provide, then decide on the company that you would like to join.

Direct Selling 411

How to Decide on a Direct Sales Business

You may be one of the many people trying to make money from home, and starting a direct sales business can be a great income source for you. Direct sales are great for stay at home moms, single moms or dads, or anyone interested in discovering the great opportunities available from home. Here are some steps that I want to share with that you can take to help you decide on a direct sales business.

How to Decide on a Direct Sales Business

How Much Do You Make With Your Direct Sales Business Each Month

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The Work at Home Connection Direct Sales Tips

The Work at Home Connection is a site that has great tips, business advice, information and ideas for all of those individuals that work at home, or are interested in working from home. These are a few pages that have great tips for people that are working from home in direct sales. You may also be able to find other money earning ventures that can help you work from home.

The Work at Home Connection

Direct Sales Articles

This is a few articles about Direct Sales Companies and working from home that anyone interested in Direct Sales may find interesting;

Direct Sales Tools

How to Increase your AVON Sales

What direct sales business do you prefer

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Other Helpful Business Hubs

I have worked from home for a number of years, and in doing so I have learned quite a bit. As of December of 2014 I will also have a degree in business management. These hubs are a combination of things that I have learned through the years of working from home and the things I have learned through my work towards my business degree. I hope you can find them helpful.

Direct Sales Tax Deductions

Freelance Writing Tax Deductions

Reducing Home Based Business Expenses

Promoting AVON

I will be working on more business hubs to help others that are wanting to work from home and make a real income doing so.


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