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Does It Really Matter If My Business Website Is not On Google Page One?

Updated on January 9, 2014

Why Being Highly Ranked Is Important

Some businesses are under the illusion that it doesn't matter where their website ranks on Google.

The fact is, potentially huge rewards await those who achieve Google Page One status, including increased visibility within all the search engines, more potential customers and an enhanced reputation.

Ecommerce development
Ecommerce development

Why Being On Page One Really Does Matter

Does It Really Matter If My Business Website Isn't On Google's Page One?

In a word "yes."

Google is currently the most popular search engine for Internet users, being quick, easy and reliable to use. As such, it offers many top rewards to those websites that rank highly in its search results listings.

If you're hiring a design firm to build an ecommerce website for you, your chosen web designers will ensure that each of your web pages is fully optimised for the major search engines as a matter of course.

Focusing on attaining the highest ranking possible for your website pages will enable your business to extend its reach to more potential customers, generate more traffic and likely make more sales.

That's because all of us who shop online regularly rely on Google for information on where to find products and services and who to buy them from. This means we place huge store by Google's rankings system - rarely going beyond the first or second page of the search results.

Which means those sites that are on page three or beyond are less likely to be found readily - certainly they will be picked up less frequently.

As consumers we tend to believe that those businesses found on Google's page one are more trustworthy and are more likely to provide a superior retail experience than those beyond this threshold. So being on that elusive page one is likely to enhance your credibility and cement your reputation.

Of course, there are other ways around this - Pay Per Click advertising for example - which can be an ideal way for your new website to gain exposure. The downside is that PPC can be expensive if you don't really know what you are doing and crafting the right 'proposition' can take time and a willingness to experiment.

Alternatively, your preferred web designers will almost certainly have a PPC specialist on the team who will be able to advise you on ways to make the best of your budget.

Another bonus for having a website which pleases Google: Google is considered the benchmark for other search engines - rank well on Google and you are likely to find your website or blog flying up the other engines' page rankings also.

Google rewards websites that provide fresh, relevant and unique content - in other words - 'do what they say on the tin'. So it's well worth spending some time outlining a digital marketing strategy that will propel your business to the top of the pile.

And professional web designers will help you get there quicker.

Media Training Could Improve Your Website's Rankings - Here's How

Although we tend to associate media training with the skill of selling ourselves to a newspaper, magazine, radio, or TV audience, it can also equip us for attracting a different kind of audience - namely the visitors to our blog, website, or social media pages.

Using video as an internet marketing tool is not only a practical way to engage with your visitors on a one-to-one level, but because Google is particularly keen on video (it owns YouTube), it can be a way of getting your business onto Google's exclusive (and elusive) Page 1 quicker than you might think.

Do you have to be a slick performer to make a video? Absolutely not. In fact, presenters who come across as being 'too professional' are apt to be perceived as a bit of a turn off - a bit false. Whereas audiences are automatically drawn to people who appear to be authentic - people whose personality shines through their presentations. Used sparingly, self-deprecating humour can be an attractive trait too, because the presenter comes across as human - warts and all - just like us!

Have you ever seen a business pitch where the presenter appears to be reading from a card, or chart? This can be incredibly distracting because instead of making eye contact with the audience, they end up looking down or to one side. This doesn't particularly inspire confidence either. Better to produce a highly watchable two-minute video than one that rambles on aimlessly for 10 minutes with lots of ums and ahs and checking of notes.

Media training will help you clarify and hone key marketing messages (sound bites) that are perfect for your target audience. But much more than that, it will empower you to deliver those messages with clarity and confidence. What's more, the visitors to your web pages are more likely to enjoy your videos and will look forward to hearing more from you.

And seeing as we are firmly in the age of multimedia, there's no limit to the ways you can utilise your videos to create awareness of your business and products. Landing pages, membership sites, ecommerce sites, email marketing, mobile marketing, webinars, press releases . . . the potential is never-ending.

If you are excited by the infinite possibilities video could bring to your marketing promotions, then contact the media training experts today. Video can help you create greater awareness of your products and services - and it's perfect for both outbound and inbound marketing campaigns too.

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