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Updated on September 3, 2009


The Internet hates spam, but in order to sell your products, you must be able to reach people who might make a purchase.

If you wish to build a successful Internet marketing business, the speediest method of contacting potential buyers is via an email list.

But there are some very important rules you must follow in order to avoid your communication being identified as spam. All of your hard work could be thrown out if you're not careful.

Be aware of what might prompt a spam identification of your Internet marketing correspondence. Here's some good emailing rules to follow.

Consider certain words as taboo. Below are a few.
FOR FREE; SAVE MONEY; WE HATE SPAM; NO STRINGS ATTACHED; DEAR SOMEBODY; and CLICK HERE. Basically, if your email sounds as if you're trying to sell someone something, it will most likely be stopped.

Stay away from adding a lot of images. Use basic designs and arrangements without fancy fonts.

Avoid bombarding people with email offers without allowing a reasonable amount of time between mailings. Don't send too many at once that all say the same thing. Put some space between your submissions.

Get rid of those on your list who have opted out, or been returned to you. This will prevent blacklisting by service providers.

Unfortunately, screening processes are not always foolproof and will sometimes even stop acceptable emails.

By following this advice, however, you will have a much better chance of reaching your intended recipients.

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