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Updated on September 7, 2011
This computer lab at etesda psat laboratory contains 26 laptops and one server.
This computer lab at etesda psat laboratory contains 26 laptops and one server. | Source

Protecting your equipment, especially things and properties assigned to you is a challenging task. The responsibility of making sure that all your units working at any given time is a matter of good rules in the laboratory room. In my computer room, I made it a point that every body must follow the rules. Any violation of any of the rules gives my license to dismiss the student or trainee without much explanation.

Being firm yet tactful in executing the rules, calls for courage and will. Students and trainees simply behave the next time around. Never talk too much about the rules. In my room I have 26 laptops and one server all powered with internet access via 150n wifi router. If one student misbehave I just call his attention on that specific rule number and require him to read it aloud in front of the whole class. Instilling discipline and professionalism is an enjoyable work indeed.

When men are govern by rules everything is in order.

Rule Number 1

Wear your IDs or name tags at alt times.

Rule Number 2

Clean your shoes (specially the shoe bottoms) before entering the laboratory room.

Rule Number 3

Do not put your bag or any accessories in the computer table. Put your personal belongings in a designated area provided for you.

Rule Number 4

Eating or drinking inside the laboratory room is strictly prohibited.

Rule Number 5

Four trainees will be assigned to clean and maintain the orderliness of the lab room. This cleaning arrangement will be done in a rotation basis. Nobody is exempted from doing these tasks.

Rule Number 6

You may log-in only in your designated workstation, by using your assigned log-in account.

Rule Number 7

Make sure that your hands are clean before using the keyboard and be gentle with the keyboard. Never touch the screen nor close the lid.

Rule Number 8

Never transfer any device, such as the mouse, power adapter, etc. You are not allowed to plug-in your personal USB drives, cell phones or personal gadgets. However, you are allowed to bring your own laptop which you can use in doing your hands-on exercises in the e-TESDA room.

Rule Number 10

You may peer teach your co-trainee/s or ask any assistance from them in your hands-on exercises or any technical assistance in using the computer, except when directly instructed by your trainer not to seek help from anyone on a specific time.

Rule Number 9

Never play with any furniture or fixture (chairs, tables, etc.) in the laboratory room. Follow the correct finger positioning and body posture while using the computer.

Rule Number 11

You are not allowed to browse explicit content in the internet or open videos so that the internet connection in the laboratory room won't be over-loaded. You can use a social networking site if allowed by your trainer or focal person in the e-TESDA. In case you were given permission, do not play computer games and you must disable the chat room. Downloading from the internet is strictly prohibited.

Rule Number 12

In case you would like to avail the facilities in e-TESDA during your off-sked time, secure a notice of permission from your trainer and present this to the Focal- Person in the e-TESDA.

Rule Number 13

You are expected to act properly and decently inside the laboratory room. Any undesirable behavior that might create untoward incident inside the laboratory room will be seriously dealt with by the school administration.

Rule Number 14

Violation of any of the above-stated rules maybe a ground for prohibition from entering the e-TESDA room or from entering the TESDA-PSAT campus on aggravated circumstances.


(, (Name of Trainee) _________________________________________of (address) ____________________________, a bona fide student in (course & section)) __________________________, of TESDA-PSAT, have read the above e-TESDA rules and I am willing to be bounded by such rules while I am inside or near the e-TESDA Laboratory Room. I am also aware of the sanctions that maybe imposed upon me by my trainer and/or the school administration in case of any violation that I might commit. The said rules were duly explained to me in the language that I can fully understand.

I hereby put my hands and signature this (date of signing) ____________________.

Signature over Printed Name

Signed in the Presence of:

written by: ronytparagas & madam bec dones


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