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Earn Money by Reading sms On Your Mobile

Updated on June 20, 2010

How to earn money by reading sms?

So today I am going to tell you about earning money by reading sms on your mobile phone. I am also going to register with you one mobile number in my house for that purpose. With that I can specify you every step one by one. Because so many peoples never do the registration process completely.

Steps of earning money by reading sms on your mobile

1. You can go to our money earning website from here. With this website you can earn money for reading sms on your mobile phone.

2. Now click on "Sign Up For Free" button. I am clicking over that button.

3. Now there is a registration form of sign up. I am giving my name, surname and email address.

4. After that I am giving my mobile number on which I want advertisements for money earning purpose.

5. Now give Gender, Marital Status and Birthday.

6. Choose any username and password that you want. Make sure about your password and click over "Create My Account".

7. Now you are on the page 'Upgrade'. And I guess there is one sms arrived form sender 'Massage'. If you never received any sms, wait for few minutes. We will see that later on. Let's start filling page Upgrade.

8. Give payee name. Generally give your own name.

9. Give your address and after that fill the asked information as much possible for you. Click over "Save" option at the end.

10. So now you are on invite page. Remember one thing that you will get 20p. for every sms that you will receive on your mobile phone. If sms arrives on the mobile of your friend, which you had referred to their website, you will get 10p. And sms on the mobile phones of your friend's referral will earn you 5p each. You can refer as many friends as you can in your network. Invite page will help you for that purpose. Every successful referral will earn you Rs.2 each. Your friend must verify his mobile number for that purpose. What is the proof behind the given mobile number is yours? So you also have to verify your mobile number.

11. After inviting some of my friends, i am going to verify my mobile number. Remember? There is one sms arrived on our mobile phone in step no. 7 above! Now I am going to do as per the content of that sms. I am forwarding the same sms on the number given in that sms.

12. Now I am verifying my email address given in step 3 above. For that purpose I am opening my inbox, opening mail and clicking on the given verification link. (Don't worry if you face some kind of difficulty verifying your email, it's not that much important thing. But it is better to verify your mail address. Verifying you mobile phone is must and important!

13. I can see Rs.3 in my account for verifying my mobile number and Rs.1 for verifying my email address.

14. So now I am earning money for receiving sms on my mobile phone.

You can also earn money by reading sms

You can also earn money by reading sms on your mobile phone. Grow your network and your money will also grow in that proportion. After setting up this all, sms will arrive on your mobile automatically and the money will get credited to your account. The payout threshold is Rs.300. So never have to wait for your first check! This is the great option of earning money.


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      jagpal singh 6 years ago

      i want job to reading sms on mobile

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      charanjit 6 years ago

      what is this

    • mymagicview profile image

      Rohan Jagtap 7 years ago from Maharashtra

      Read the article above!

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      nakul sharma 7 years ago

      please tell me a earn money by sms?