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Ebay & GMarket in Singapore - The Pros and Cons of Selling Online in Singapore

Updated on August 14, 2011

E-Commerce Online 101 in Singapore

If you are a Singapore newbie who want is considering selling online as an added income then read on.

Although this page is focused on how to sell online in Singapore using a niche site blog shop or even eBay and Gmarket, most of the information will still be useful no matter which country you are based in.

Read on to know the key differences between the different options to selling online to Singapore internet customers, including on your own Niche Site or Blogshop, or even eBay vs Gmarket.

eBay for Singapore Sellers and Buyers

We all love free stuff right? The difference between the U.S. eBay and the Singapore eBay site is the Singapore version of EBay is free for a basic listing. Life's great isn't it?

The truth is that eBay is great for online sellers for 2 more reasons:

  1. Reason 1: An Honest Seller with a Good Product at a Great Price will be about to build a great online reputation with the ratings feedback from your customers.
  2. Reason 2: If you are a Dishonest Seller or you Sell to a Difficult Seller, You'll still get paid even if you don't even ship the item.

A Great eBay Tutorial Video on Youtube

GMarket Website for Singapore Sellers & Buyers

What's unique about Gmarket is that it offers more protection for the buyer. When someone buys anything on GMarket and pays online, GMarket actually acts as an escrow. Only when the buyer confirms goods received in good order will Gmarket release the money to the Seller.

This ensures that buyers will have a certain amount of protection against fly-by-night sellers which does sour some transactions on eBay. The only downside is that if the buyer received the item but forgets to indicate goods received on the Gmarket site then the Seller needs to wait up to 30 days (last checked May 2011) to receive payment for goods that may have been delivered up to a month ago.

Here's a Great Tutorial Video on the Gmarket Site The of Singapore

People in Singapore do buy stuff from even though the shipping charges from the U.S. to Singapore can be quite expensive.

Here in Singapore there's now an alternative to US's Amazon. Currently one of the fastest growing online store is BOS's The uniquely great thing about this Singapore site is that it is focused on serving Singapore online retail customers with a great range of products from different categories much like Amazon.

This site shares some of the great characteristics from sites like eBay, Gmarket & of course It protects the online buyers with an escrow service much like Gmarket, has a convenient return policy much like Amazon and attract the best sellers much like eBay.

Buy and Sell on Singapore's fastest growing Online Store
Buy and Sell on Singapore's fastest growing Online Store | Source

Great Books on How to Succeed in Selling Online

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