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Effective Business Persuasion style Presentation to influence Your Customers

Updated on December 18, 2016

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Influencing Styles that have been commonly used

There are as many ways to approach this subject as there are teachers of same. Just as there are as many different blends of method in approaching the prospect as there are prospects. Over the past 6 months we have been closely following a small group of Gurus in the art of business promotion. Clayton Makepeace, for straight forward copy writing. And for the business and product, on and off the internet, building and promotion; Frank Kern, for promotion strategy, and Andy Jenkins and his Stompernet team, for just about everything Internet related much of which can be relative to bricks and mortar type businesses to boot.

Through the teachings of these greats we have learned to identify things we have been doing, much of it instinctively oddly enough, and improve our approach. They have clarified why it is some of the things that work on us do not work on every one and why other things do if done correctly. Though we all tend to initially promote with the hope of success in the method or blend of methods to which we ourselves respond greatest. As always with time things change, including the way in which styles of approach and persuasion. Some change almost completely, others is more in the way they are used in conjunction to create the desired results. This factor is more readily identifiable in a well written copy, more often long copy. Where emotional benefits do the talking as opposed to the old feature laden approach. For eases sake we will call them Influencing Styles.

The Influencing Styles that have been commonly used over the decades, well centuries actually. Are known by varying names but can be slotted as such:ASSERTIVE PERSUASION METHODAssertive Persuasion Method (Old style selling approach) Also know as "push" method due to the use of logic to reason a prospect into making the "right" choice. This method is a favourite of many scientists and technical staff, due to the purity it offers them to present their ideas and findings, in a most strait forward way. Assertive Persuasion is an evidence-based approach. It uses the power of logic, facts and the sellers opinions to: Propose Solutions to a given problemGive Reasoning For and Against the problem and the proposed solutionsPeople whose first instinct is to use or respond to Assertive Persuasion tend to be highly verbal and articulate, persistent and energetic; usually coming forward with ideas and suggestions often.

They will also tend to ask to see examples or evidence to support your claims. Assertive Persuasion Method(Newer style selling approach) Very similar to the old method however the emotional side has been utilised to create the logic path, providing examples of results for and against as they go. Providing a gentler push in the desired direction.REWARD AND PUNISHMENT METHOD (odd name, becoming more popular due to most effective)Also known as the Carrot and stick (old) or Cat and string (newer) approach.Both styles of this method typically use pressure and incentives to control the prospects behaviour. And both involve the outlining of a problems pros and cons, and both provide the suggestion of compliance to certain actions to achieve the desired result, using potential negatives of not doing so as what will result if they do not comply.The old method tends to use both the pros and cons of the problem, and a heavier weighing on the cons of not acting in the desired way, as opposed to the pros.

The newer method tends to use one or the other side of the problem, depending on which will give the stronger approach to the result, that more often touts the pros of the solution, as opposed to the negatives of not acting in the fashion to which the seller wish you to.This method is so commonly in use the only differentiator of its effectiveness is in the way in which it is used or abused. Its ability to create instant authority on the subject at hand gives rise to a raw power that has the potential to make you and your prospect wreak of status and prestige, or make a complete ass out of you.Frank Kern, being very specific and detailed in his communication, is very effective at utilising the newer method as part of his system in his business and promotions. Often using the complete comfort he has with the fact that some of his prospects and even some of his students, choose to miss out on reaping the rewards, that following his systems produce.Both Frank and Andy show signs of typically using this method as a part of their promo regime, not only on the promo side, but also on the product development level.

They effectively utilise the main aspects of this method. They Evaluate at just about every level there is. Then they Prescibe Goals, outcomes and the expectations they create. Then they offer incentives for your action, and in an almost pleasant way present pressures, mostly as a result of inaction.People who tend towards specifics, details and planned approaches seem to respond more positively to some degree to this method. More so when it is the lead or main ingredient in the blend of methods. READ MORE ON THIS SUBJECT AT OUR OTHER ARTICLES:

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