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EmpireAvenue for Small Business Marketing and Fun

Updated on September 24, 2015

It's a Gamer's World - Learn to Play in it

Just because you didn't grow up twiddling your pong paddle, or manipulating your Atari 2600 stick, doesn't mean you are immune to the lure of the digital gaming world. Facebook's Farmville didn't achieve the status it gained because of my generation alone. So why not take two of the most widely used aspects of the digital world, Social Media Networking and Marketing, and all out simulation gaming, and slap them together? Well, one company has. Read more on how to spice up your social media marketing campaigns with a bit of simulation gaming.

Observations of a Marketing Guru in Action

Why Paying Attention Pays

Sometimes all you need is one great connection to steer you in the direction of many a great thing. Well, I have at least one of those and consider myself very lucky. Since I began networking with Basil C. Puglisi I have learned quite a few things about digital marketing that I didn't know before.

I find myself very often saying, after observing him on random projects, "Wow, this is pretty cool." And then I check Alexa rankings, and almost every time his chosen sites, niches or products are in an upswing.

It is then that I find myself wondering if he is off somewhere, rubbing his hands together, (perhaps even with a maniacal grin on his face), in the anticipation of just how effective, pointed and informative his information is. If he is not doing it right now he probably should be.

How stupid would I be as a Mini-Marketer if I didn't pay attention to the knowledge he shares? And you? Well, unless due to your massive social media marketing skills, you find yourself needing to buy more and more wildly expensive SUVs to haul your weighty piles of money to the bank each day, you might want to check him out too.


The First Great Combo?

Has EmpireAvenue cornered the market on mashing together gaming and social media marketing?

If you haven't tried it yet, head here to get signed up. There is no need to get upset about having to create yet another profile on another social media site. Just click the option to log in via Facebook and its on.

EmpireAvenue simulates the NYSE in a few ways.

Players buy and sell other users depending on their market value.An exchange Ticker runs across just below your header bar to show you how successful, or not, your own investments are currently Each players net worth is determined by how invested they are in the 'market' of the social media world.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Time to Invest Your Time in Social Media?

This nudge comes with fun!

Many business owners have found themselves intimidated by how needy social media management seems. You may have also read many social media guides that always seem to start with registering on a long list of social media sites, followed by an even longer list of when, where and how you should integrate for optimum coverage.

Those who know what a task this is will say, "Wow, that is a terabyte-load of work!"

Those who do not may say, "You want me to Flick whose Twitter in what Tube?"

Regardless, EmpireAvenue has found a way to teach everyone from the least savvy user to the biggest net-guru NYSE-minded player around, through a series of simulated stock market exchanges. These exchanges, along with any activity on their site, as well as any activity on ANY of your social medias that mention EmpireAvenue, earn you money referred to as Eaves, on Empires gaming system.

Why Should You Stroll Down Empire Avenue?

Really, do you need more reasons?

If you still want more reasons why you should delve into yet another form of social media marketing, let me give you a few.

Social Media Training. There is no doubt that while enjoying the fun of this simulator, that you will be learning far more about your social medias than even you may have planned to absorb.

Social Media Networking. This of course is the point. On EmpireAvenue you can choose your own interest, aka, keywords and phrases that describe your niche, products or services to help generate lists of like-minded marketers who you can likely learn from, or share knowledge with, to the benefit of all involved.

Social Media Fun. Why not? While others are off farming, baking and enjoying the Price is Right, you can be building a lasting network of those interested in your products and services, while having loads of fun.

Have an EmpireAvenue Account? - Leave your referral URL here and I'll be glad to add you!

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