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Make Money Work for You Rather Than You Working for Money

Updated on February 28, 2016

Graduates and School Leavers Are Conditioned to Work for Money

Graduates who leave the formal education system are obliged to work for others as employees. It is a sad fact that the education system still teaches students and produces graduates to work for other people. Business Colleges in Papua New Guinea are defeating the purpose of their existence by teaching students to manage other people’s businesses and not start and run their own businesses because if they do, there would be a business boom in Papua New Guinea.

When given such training and programing in school, what do school leavers do upon graduation? They do exactly what they have been conditioned to do and that is to look for paid jobs. And what do they do when they become employed? They work for money all their lives.

Work Is Being Obsessed in Minding Other People’s Business

When you become an employee, you will be exchanging all of your skills, knowledge and time for a little money. Employees become so obsessed with their job descriptions that they forget to learn anything new or about how money works, at least, in a business context. Their obsession in minding their employers’ business keeps them from thinking about putting themselves into business.

How to Make Money Work for You

There are several ways to engage money as an employee. You become the employer and your money becomes your employee. You do not have to pay your money a salary to work for you.

One way is saving. When you save your money with a bank, the bank will lend your money to borrowers in return charge an interest on the principle amount loaned. The bank will then pay you a small portion of that interest depending on its policies. In this case, your money makes money through interest earnings. The risk involved with saving is that you will lose money in periods when there is low interest and high inflation but saving in the long run is a slow way of becoming financially independent and free.

You can employ your money by lending it to a bank as savings or to others for a little profit. In Papua New Guinea, lending money to other people is common in the informal sector and is widely known as “dinau moni” (loan). You may also lend your money to the government by purchasing treasury bills and government bonds.

Investing in stock markets by buying shares with large companies is an extremely excellent way of making money work for you. When you buy shares with large companies, you become part owner of the large companies that you are a shareholder of. As a part owner you are entitled to have a bite of the profits that these companies make.

Saving, lending or investing your money is a way of employing your money. In other words, you are making money work for you. The money that you save, lend or invest will bring back more money to you. On the contrary, when you borrow money have to repay with interest. This means that those who lend you money will grow richer with each passing second while you as the borrower, will grow poorer.

You can invest money in a business, a piece of real estate or in the stock market. When you do that it will bring you more money over time. Saving, lending and investing are not get-rich-quick or overnight millionaire schemes.

Business Is About Employing Money

We all have been conditioned to work for money. We pass out of educational institutions with the ultimate goal of seeking a paid job. But what we do not realise is that when we work for money, we fail to learn about how we could make money work for us.

Our job descriptions keep us so busy trading our skills, expertise and time for money. Our job descriptions do not even give us the time and freewill to consider options of making money work for us.

When you become an entrepreneur or a self-employed person, you will have all the time at your disposal, to think about how best you can make money work for you so that you benefit the most. Being your own boss will empower you to take control of your money and make it work for you as a faithful servant. And it will serve you well.


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