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Employee Motivation Quotes

Updated on May 31, 2018

Employee motivation is no different than personal motivation

In today’s business world, a company’s employees are its most valuable resource.

Their attitude on the job and towards an organization’s customers are most often what will separate a successful company from one that will have to close its doors. Top business leaders know, you don’t always have to have the best product to succeed, as long as you have the best people.

Following you will find quotes covering goal setting, time management as well as suggestions for thinking positively and staying motivated. Keep in mind, quotes are good, but in order for them to truly help, they must be applied to daily life by taking action.

Here are the motivational quotes. I hope you find them helpful.

Please scroll down for employee motivation quotes.
Please scroll down for employee motivation quotes.

Motivational Quotes

  • If you ran into a detour while on vacation, would you turn around and go home, or would you make adjustments to get to where you wanted to go? It’s the same with our goals and dreams, we have to make constant adjustments to get us to our destination. The achievement of any important goal is the product of many adjustments along the way. Don’t view these adjustments as setbacks, but as opportunities to fine tune the path to your destination.
  • If we stop learning, we stop growing. In order to truly grow as an individual, we must constantly stretch beyond our comfort zone. Just doing the same, mundane things everyday is the definition of being in a rut. Get out of whatever rut you may be in by setting new challenges for yourself everyday! Start by asking yourself better questions. Instead of "Why me?" and "Why now?" ask "Why not me?" and "Why not now?"
  • One reason many "successful" people are unhappy or unfulfilled is that they spend a great deal of time searching for true happiness, never realizing it begins from within. You can't be happy with your life or what you have until you are happy with you, first! Another reason is they never get life's priorities in the proper order. Money is nice, but if it is what drives your life, you can never be truly happy or successful. Remember, it's never too late to get life's priorities in order and create a happy life!
  • What some people call luck, is actually perseverance in disguise. Remember, what it takes to discourage you, is in direct correlation to the amount of belief you have in yourself. Don’t let your thoughts, or especially the thoughts of others stop you from becoming what you want to be in life!
  • No professional athlete would last very long if they focused on failure. Ever see a boxer in pre-fight interview say he can’t win? Hardly, but we hear co-workers say it everyday! We’re also in a fight everyday.... a fight to succeed. But just like the boxer, without the right focus we don’t stand a chance! Focus on success not failure. Expect success!
  • Most everyone will tell you their future is more important than any two week vacation. However, everyone I know goes on vacation with a plan, road maps, and a carefully thought out destination. Unfortunately, many of these same people will go through the rest of their lives without any of these things! If you don’t have a plan for success, you already have a plan for failure! Make your plan for a positive future now!
  • Having the respect of others comes after first developing self-respect. Then lead by doing, not talking, because your actions will always speak louder than your words. When you lead by doing, you don’t magnify problems, you exemplify solutions!
  • Life is like driving a car. Destinations are determined by what is in your mind. Many people drive their “car” of life by always looking in the rear view mirror at what might have been, when they should be looking out the windshield at what could be. Remember, your “car” of life is powered by your thoughts and it is those thoughts that will determine your direction and destination!
  • Success means different things to different people. Those who appear to be behind in the race are many times running a different race. That’s the reason we need to remain unconcerned about what others think. Our own definition of success is the only one that matters!
  • If you were a landlord, you wouldn’t let a tenant rent an apartment from you while allowing them to ruin your building. So why let negative people rent space in your mind and ruin your thoughts? Never let others control your attitude or thoughts.
  • No one gets through life without setbacks. However, it’s important to remember that those setbacks are there for us to learn from - not focus on. In other words, put your trust in your beliefs, not your fears.
  • Analysis paralysis is a most damaging disease. People stricken with it usually analyze the life out of everything and never take action. Take a step toward your dream by trying something you’ve been putting off. The biggest mistake anyone can make is to be afraid of making one.
  • If you saw someone holding a sign that read, “I’m negative! I can’t and won’t succeed! I’m also going to try to get you to think that way too”, would you befriend that person? Negative people don't have to carry signs to be dangerous to your progress and your future. Choose your friends wisely, as they will have a large impact on your potential for success!
  • We are all born with a positive attitude. All kids talk about what they are going to be when they grow up, not what they can’t be. All negativism is learned. The good news is, it can be unlearned. Take a lesson from kids and become a dreamer again. Because dreams are where success begins!
  • Many people incorrectly believe that it takes big changes today to make big changes in their future. So they never get started, thinking the task is overwhelming. The truth is, it takes only small but consistent changes in your present direction to make large changes in your future destination. But you must start today!
  • “Should” is the enemy of “must”. As long as we are thinking we “should” do this, or we “should” do that, we feel we are at least doing something. If you want to be successful, don’t talk or think in terms of what you “should” do, talk and think in terms of what you “must” do!
  • Time is our most precious commodity. Manage it wisely! Keep a log of just one day’s activities to see where time is wasted. You are trading a part of your life everyday for what you believe is important! Make sure that it is! Control your day or it will control you!
  • Focus! One of the secrets to a successful life! Unless we focus on the particular goals we want to attain, they become just wishes and nearly impossible to reach. A magnifying glass does nothing if you wave it around, but it can burn through objects on which it is focused. Successful people may be able to do several things well, but it’s their focus in one or two areas that allows them to excel.


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