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Top article websites that are ready to pay you

Updated on June 22, 2010

Both online and offline, there is always a need for good writing; There are
plenty of websites that will reward you for writing articles. I have just listed the
top ten here, simply visit these websites and sign up on them as stated.

1. Helium : Helium has many, many ways to get paid to write. You can earn
monthly, earn by article, and even win contests and badges. Helium is
well worth checking out. You won't be disappointed! Write articles for
pay in the Marketplace, or publish previously written articles to
appropriate titles. Helium has a ratings system in place, and you can
earn writing stars based on your overall writing percentage. Badges
given for accomplishments and pay are through Paypal.

2. Constant-content: By writing articles on Constant contents, you get
paid for either selling your articles or any of your articles that gets
massive readership. There are millions of individuals who are waiting to
pay for your knowledge and give you money in exchange for your
articles. The good thing about Constant content is that you can actually
submit your article and set the price you want to sell it. That is, you can
write an article and give it a dollar price. I love this website because I
have made money with them several times.

3. Associatedcontent : Associated content is quite popular website
and individuals can get paid for writing articles on this particular
website. Associated content pays you through a method called PPM.
The baseline PPM rate is $1.50 for every thousand page views your
content receives. In lay man terms,When you write an article (just like in
the article example I gave above) and your article is viewed by 1000
people, you earn $1.50. If another 1,000 individuals view your website
making 2,000 views, you earn $3. The good thing about Associated
Content is that they have millions of visitors on a daily basis coming to
their website, therefore, its quite easy for you to reach 10,000 views
easily. You also have this run on autopilot!....Which means, when your
write an article, it will stay on Associated content for years to come and
the more views it generate, the more money you make (even when
you’ve forgotten that you wrote the article. With this website alone,
you can earn hundreds of dollars per month in Payment alone!

4. Bukisa: Bukisa works exactly like Associated Content, however, they
have a higher pay than associated content. Bukisa runs something called
a Current Index (which is at $3.95). This means that bukisa pays you
$3.95 for every one thousand views that reads your articles. Bukisa does
not require exclusive rights, which means you can equally publish
articles you’ve written in the past on their website. You also receive earnings from three level friend referral program. I am making money from Bukisa, you too can.

5. eHow: The major reason people go online is to find out how to do one
thing or the other. And that is what is all about. It’s a place to
get paid to write “how to” articles on anything that you can think of.
There is one or things you know how to do. By writing about it, you’ll be
able to make money from Ehow. Imagine writing “how to cure headlice,
How to play football, How to watch premiership matches, How to make
money, How to fly a plane, How to drive a car, How to walk 10 kms etc”
All these are articles accepted on EHow. Since Ehow have a high search
engine traffic, you earn a lot of money with EHow. EHow Shares a
portion of their Google Ad earnings with you. The more article you write,
the more money you make

6. Xomba is a fun place to write articles and also build a community.
Xomba enable you to set up your own Google Adsense account or use an
existing one. Xomba has millions of visitors on a daily basis, so you are
guaranteed of visitors to your articles. Xomba split profit with you from
legitimate clicks on your articles. You too can start making money right
away by signing up with xomba and writing your articles.

7. Squidoo: Squidoo is super fun, as it's a mix of writing, and creating a
web page. Take your pre-written articles and turn them into a webpage!
Squidoo refers to it's pages as 'Lenses' and you get to create a lens on anything
at all that you have some knowledge about. Compete with other lenses,
advertise your own business, include affiliate links, add a poll, etc. Squidoo
splits it's advertising money with you. Watch your money add up. Earn from
advertising revenue and affiliate revenue from Amazon, eBay, Cafe Press and
more! Squidoo is AWESOME!!

8. Triond: I am so completely sure of this one as you get paid per article
you write. Triond accept articles, poetry as well as videos and pay you
$0.60 for every 200 views you have. This means you get paid $3.00 for
every 100 viewss you have to your articles. This method is a lucrative
one as you continue to earn even months and years after you’ve written

Now that you have the top 8 article websites, there are other major article
paying websites too, but these are the top 8 that works perfectly well for
me. I can say again and again that I have made money with these websites
and you too can make money with them too. All you need to do is sign up
and start writing articles with them.


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