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Expertscolumn review 2013 - Is expertscolumn a legit site for writers?

Updated on June 19, 2013

Expertscolumn is a revenue sharing site where people can join the site as an author and share revenue based on their contribution. Expertscolumn is not the site for professional writers but it is a good platform for the people who are just planning to try their luck as an online writer. I have been writing in expertscolumn for 2 years. In this hub I will give you an honest review of expertscolumn based on my experience and analysis.

Expertscolumn Review

Expertscolumn is a relatively new revenue sharing site where anyone can join the site for free and start writing original articles to share percentage of revenue based on the number of page impressions generated from their articles. The CPM rate varies from one author to another. Author who has good writing skills and generates most of their traffic from countries like USA, Canada and UK, usually earns money with a higher CPM rate. On the other hand author with poor quality earns less with a low CPM rate. This means if you can provide quality in your content, you will be paid higher for every page impressions you generate.

The advantage of Expertscolumn is that you don't require to have any kind of affiliate account. You just need to sign up and start writing to make money. Currently the site is paying through either Paypal or Moneybookers (Skrill). A user can request for a payment after earning 5 dollars at least.

Is expertscolumn Legit or Scam?

Expertscolumn is a legit site. I have been paid many times without any trouble. Therefore it is not a Scam site. Although you can not expect a very high payout from the site.

The advantages and disadvantages of Expertscolumn


  1. You don't need Google Adsense account.
  2. It is very easy to join and start writing.
  3. The community of the site is good.
  4. Generally the CPM rate is around 1 dollar which is good.
  5. Since expertscolumn accept previously published (originally written by you in some other site), you can use the site to generate Back links.
  6. It is a very good site for beginners as they accept all kind of articles.
  7. It has chat room where users can discuss with each other.
  8. The site has good SEO.


1. The site owner is confused with the Ad layout of the site. Keeps changing ad block placement every now and then.

2. Often the site goes offline because of server issues.

3. The site does not have any forum for the community.

4. The "draft" function does not work properly.

5. There are plenty of sub-par writers available in the site. So the site is at risk of Google Panda update.

My experience

My earnings are not impressive because I have not worked hard in Expertscolumn. Generally I am writing short articles in the site. I was not active in the first year but I have published around 50 short articles in the 2nd year. So far I have earned around 100 dollars which is not great but not bad either.

My expertscolumn Earnings
My expertscolumn Earnings

My recommendation!

If you are an experienced writer and you have active Google adsense account, then I recommend you to join sites like instead of Expertscolumn. But if you are a new writer and you do not have an adsense account, then Expertscolumn will be a good platform for making money. If you work really hard you can earn 20 to 50 dollars per month. Click here to Join Expertscolumn

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    • profile image

      Sufia Banu 4 years ago

      I want to start writing for expertscolumn. I need your help since you are an experienced writer there. What sort of articles did you write. Can you provide me a link to your page?

    • tnvrstar profile image

      tnvrstar 5 years ago from doha, qatar

      Yup the owner is not good in English because he is from India. However he is honest and the sites is not scam at all.

    • profile image

      Evan Lonmore 5 years ago

      I'm concerned by the fact that the owners and administrators aren't fluent in English. Why don't they hire a professional editor to clean up all the administrative and FAQ pages? Sloppiness indicates a scam to me.

    • tnvrstar profile image

      tnvrstar 5 years ago from doha, qatar

      Exactly! I have been writing in expertscolumn in case I lose control on my adsense account. It is always better to put your eggs in different baskets.

    • CarNoobz profile image

      CarNoobz 5 years ago from USA

      Interesting review. I'm looking for was to branch out beyond HP and Squidoo, and I haven't heard of this site yet. So thanks for the review.

      I like that it's not dependent on Adsense. That's actually a great benefit right there, but not only for people who currently cannot get Adsense. I've heard of a lot of legit marketers getting banned from Adsense due to click fraud and stuff. It wasn't even their fault, but it's impossible for them to prove it.

      So I may add this site for this very reason. If I write on 10 different sites that require Adsense and I get click-bombed on one of my blogs, Adsense can ban me for life...then all my sites lose money! So it's good to diversify monetization too.