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Home-based Handmade Jewelry Business

Updated on December 15, 2018
Tricia Deed profile image

Tricia Deed is a freelance writer of arts and crafts. She enjoys bringing an array of different projects to your attention.

Luxury Bone Necklace

A crescent shaped bone decorated with turquoise mini-flowers and silver beads with a ribbon tie back.
A crescent shaped bone decorated with turquoise mini-flowers and silver beads with a ribbon tie back. | Source

Making Handmade Jewelry

There is no fear of market saturation of jewelry adornments. Jewelry is worn for a variety of reasons from fashion to religion. The information highway with its technology allows the downloading of instant information on how to make different types of jewelry.

  1. Have you noticed how people love your handmade jewelry?
  2. Are you addicted to jewelry making?
  3. Is your hobby space getting crowded with your creations and storage space is shrinking?
  4. Are family members and friends starting to encourage your hobby to be a business?
  5. Are you seriously considering starting a jewelry making business in your home?

Advantages of working in the home:

  1. Storage space
  2. Office space for telephone and personal computer
  3. Jewelry work station
  4. Utilities
  5. Personal comforts
  6. Available for family emergencies
  7. Sell outside of the home through arts and crafts shows, jewelry shows, Internet outlets, flea markets, swap shops, consignment at department stores and jewelry stores, and wholesale. Working from the home will allow for experimentation before opening a physical location away from the home.
  8. Gaining working experience to build your entrepreneurship abilities to own a business.

Coral Necklace

Orange coral assembled into a choker style necklace.
Orange coral assembled into a choker style necklace. | Source

Part-time or Full time Jewelry Business

A home-based handmade jewelry business is an unlimited field for creativity. Working from home will offer the opportunity of working part-time or full time. The type of jewelry and the selling price of the jewelry can be a clue for your workload.

Working part-time may earn the desired income. A full time business may do more than satisfy your income. Part-time versus full time will have different definitions for business owners.

Part-time is usually 20 hours a week; full time is 40 hours a week. But, if the business income is not satisfactory either more production hours will need to be worked or new jewelry products developed.

A secondary income may be necessary while building a business. Most entrepreneurs do have a secondary income and refer to part-time as being whatever time they can contribute to their new business or when they are able to maintain the desired stable income.

Full time is reserved when there is no fear of an inadequate income and the business is building a successful financial foundation with promises of additional profits throughout the year.

Glass and Wood Finger Ring

Merging of glass with wood for an interesting finger ring.
Merging of glass with wood for an interesting finger ring. | Source

Business Capital

Never borrow money to start a business.

It takes an average of five years for a business to start making money. Paying back a loan with or without interest is stressful and will be burdensome for another undetermined length of time. It is best for a first time business owner to use their personal capital.

It is well worth self-capitalization as the responsibility of budgeting is serious. All businesses have to work with a budget. Invest in yourself to pursue your dreams. If it fails; lessons learned. If you succeed; congratulations on your achievements.

The secret for financial growth is a two-sided coin. One side of the coin is to maintain your regular customers and the flip side of the coin is to generate new customers. Keep both sides of the coin continuously active and financial success will be your reward.

American Indian Jewelry

Turquoise beads mounted on silver earring foundations in an American Indian design.
Turquoise beads mounted on silver earring foundations in an American Indian design. | Source

Diversified Niche Market

Jewelry is made for men, women, children, and infants, and pets.

What niche are you considering?

For instance I like designing bohemian jewelry. This is a niche which services belly dancers, gypsy-style or tropical fashions, and 17th or 18th century elaborate chokers.

It matters not if you are a beginning or a master at making handmade jewelry. If you can design and assemble beads in an attractive and unique arrangement which keeps customers purchasing your creations, you will financially succeed.

The jewelry market has its twists and turns, its ups and its downs, and its unexpected surprises. Your niche market needs to allow for diversification and be flexible and easy to remedy when there are changes.

Jewelry making demands creativity and originality in order to meet its challenges and demands. The rewards are wonderful and worth pursuing.

Canvas Earrings

A pair of square canvas earrings beaded with seed beads and finalized with silver chain.
A pair of square canvas earrings beaded with seed beads and finalized with silver chain. | Source

Regular and Future Customers

Your jewelry is unique... that is why you should make jewelry pieces that you love. Your creativity is rewarded for originality and uniqueness. There is much love and care which goes into every handcrafted necklace, bracelet, anklet, earrings, and rings which an artist makes. Never copy another artist's work. There are copyright laws to be honored.

How to maintain consistent sales:

  1. Keep an inventory of "hot sales items". (Current fashionable items)
  2. Survey customers in order to continue making jewelry in their favorite materials, colors, and styles. (Maintaining repeat customers)
  3. Maintain an inventory of jewelry which always sells. (Traditional stock)
  4. Keep designing new pieces of jewelry. (Original buyers and future sales)
  5. Update knowledge to keep skills and talents sharp

Artists love to create. Building a business will require both creativity and imagination to continuously supply inventory and earn monies. If not earning a profit, then it is not a business; it is a hobby.

Are You a Business Person?

Do you have what it takes to operate a jewelry business or are you  doubting your abilities?
Do you have what it takes to operate a jewelry business or are you doubting your abilities? | Source

Are You A Business Person?

Before starting a business; are you an entrepreneur?

  1. Is the belief in your product so strong, that it motivates you to actively pursue the dream of owning your own business?
  2. Are you thinking that you are smarter than your current employer?
  3. Do you know that you have the knowledge and the skills to produce these jewelry products?
  4. Is the capital fund available.
  5. Are you flexible and open-minded?
  6. Do you understand marketing and advertising?
  7. Are you comfortable with selling and asking for money?
  8. Are you able to meet product deadlines for your customers?

7 Top Tips for Running a Handmade Business

What handcrafted jewelry media do you favor?

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