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Biometric Time Clocks - What You Need To Know

Updated on June 29, 2015

The Basics

Time clocks have been used for over a century to easily collect, track and manage employee work hours. But simple time card based systems were easy to cheat, and have costed companies millions each year. With the progress of technology came more accurate ways of collecting data which eliminated the threat of buddy punching. Time clocks with facial and fingerprint recognition technologies have been designed and provide companies with safer and more accurate ways of collect employee work hours. Two of the biggest manufacturers of biometric time clocks are Easy Clocking and FingerTec. Who are these companies? And are there other options on the market?

Who is Easy Clocking?

Easy Clocking ( is one of the world's largest time and attendance companies with a reputation for producing browser based time and attendance systems that provide real time access to data. With over 9 years experience at the forefront of the industry Easy Clocking has become synonymous for award winning biometric time clocks. Easy Clocking time and attendance systems are now being used in over 30 countries around the world, and with a reported 50,000 units currently being used by businesses large and small.

In order to continue to expanding their presence in the worldwide market Easy Clocking has provided it's research and development division with extensive resources to ensure that it can maintain the reputation as one of the industry’s leading innovators. Easy Clocking currently has a wide range of time and attendance solutions including Web and PC, USB, mobile, proximity card and biometric enabled devices. One of the most popular products that Easy Clocking is offering is the EC500, which the company claims has the “World's most effective fingerprint sensor”. The near zero failure ability of the fingerprint sensor not only eliminates buddy punching, but also works in cold, dry, humid and wet environments.

With advanced fingerprint identification algorithms and user-friendly systems, Easy Clocking time and attendance systems will continue to be one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

Who is FingerTec?

FingerTec ( is the leading biometric enabled time clock manufacturer. FingerTec uses biometric technology in their time clocks that was previously only available to military and government departments. In years gone by, time clocks were plagued by "buddy punching", a workplace tradition that made Australian companies loss an estimated $711 million each year. By ensuring that an employee uses their face or fingerprint for data entry, biometric enabled time clocks can give companies accurate data and therefore improve workplace efficiency and improve profit.

The FingerTec Range

FingerTec is a well-known brand in the HR circles in Australia. But many individuals are not aware of all of the services and products that FingerTec are now offering. Most people are aware of the wide range of facial and fingerprint time clocks, but they may be surprised at the online time and attendance systems available including FingerTec Cloud and Ingress.

FingerTec Cloud

In 2012 FingerTec released a new revolutionary cloud based subscription system. As businesses move away from purchasing physical applications, and instead sway towards obtaining online based subscription software, FingerTec has released a new online time and attendance system. This new system allows small businesses to use a time attendance system with functionality previously limited to international organisations. With instant data analysis and report exporting, the FingerTec cloud allows rapid access to live time data, wether you be a manager analysing your labour workforce, or a company executive make labour decision. You can get instant access to live data on your companies workforce and analyse trends in order to maximise efficiency and profitability. Accurate job costing can be achieved and variables can be compensated for. A cloud based time and attendance system is ideal for all types of companies, form multinational organisations to small and medium sized enterprises. Because the FingerTec cloud allows easy start-up procedures, companies can just sign up to the system and then instantly start using it. There is no installation required, no time clock manuals, it is all done online.

The FingerTec cloud system stores all of your data with full encryption, and prevents data loss that can result from human error or disaster. For the greatest efficiency, you can use an Australian based server for your online time and attendance system. By using an Australian server for your time and attendance software you can guarantee that you will get enterprise grade server maintenance and full customer service to your account.

FIngerTec Ingress

After extensive testing in the FingerTec research and design laboratory, FingerTec have released the Ingress system in January 2013. Ingress is a secured access control system that incorporates software developments that allow real-time monitoring, instant report management and database administration. The Ingress system is ideal for corporations and offices that need to limit access to employes to certain sections of a property, while still still allowing easy access to certain staff. The Ingress system comes with safety precaution and effective monitoring methods. The software comes with a very user friendly interface and visual floor maps, so that you can have instant live access to staff movements and security measures. FingerTec is constantly developing new technologies, so keep a look out for any new advances in the future.

Fingertec Time Clocks

This video shows how simple it is to use a FingerTec time clock.

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