1. vicki simms profile image75
    vicki simmsposted 4 years ago

    I found out yesterday that I am on a 90 day consultation and that my job is at risk of redundancy sad the problem I have though is that I am due to go on maternity leave in 9 weeks.......does anyone have any information on my rights and whether I would still be entitled to my statutory maternity pay?? I contacted HR within my company and they said they cannot tell me anything yet. Any info or advice would be very much appriciated.

  2. richardbrown81 profile image90
    richardbrown81posted 4 years ago

    you really need a lawyer.  since you are a writer you should go over as many peoples heads as possible with formal written letters expressing why you are not the redundant element.  Be as emotive as possible, this will help your chances in a court case if it come to it.  solving issues internally is why better than in court.