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ICF World Homes scams or real?

  1. Lgali profile image55
    Lgaliposted 9 years ago

    Please advice me?

    1. PayPerClickPlay profile image37
      PayPerClickPlayposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Good question,

      No doubt, there are many scams on the internet, but when you take the time to do your due diligence, ICF World Homes has an office, has ongoing training, so they are not just a web site on the internet.

      I have been involved for just under a year, and although they have had a few hiccups given growth internationally, and being able to accept and pay commissions internationally is always a challenge.

      I have been paid as promted, and I have not had to make one payment beyond my intitial home plan, also as promoted. With company wide sales of 32 or more, you will not need to be out of pocket for the monthly plan, and this assures us all that no one will quit, or as it is referred to in the industry, attrition, and this is what kills almost all programs over time.  With no attrition, all we will see is growth, so I like the plan, very well thought out.

      As to your success, this is up to you, but if you are looking for a custom green home in your future, it is all up to you. This is a very unique concept, and as one who was in the home construction industry, real estate and mortgage business, all I can say is this is the only solution for 70% of the market given subprime mortgage and Fannie/Freddie bailout has killed the housing industry, and also is main thrust behind recession in U.S.

      Building an equity position in your new home plan through profit sharing is very easy to understand once you take the time to research it.  We are similar to a cooperative, whereby ICF is sharing profits with each of us on each home built. If you are not aware, builders usually want to earn about 22% in profit on each home, and ICF World Homes is sharing this with members, hence, monthly payments are covered with only 32 sales company wide, and no personal sales are required, although advised to reach your new home goal sooner.

      With constant effort to stay in compliance, this is important in these highly regulated times, so company is doing all it can to insure they are here for the long term. Don't skim over plan or listen to those who don't know what they are talking about. You will find critics of every business, and these people are not members, so they rarely will have all the facts.  Take your time, research it carefully, if you want a new home in the future, this may be the only viable option for 70% of the people who don't have good credit or the 20% to 30% down payments now required by conventional mortgage banks.

      Success to all,
      Mortgage-Free-Homes .com

    2. Mark Knowles profile image60
      Mark Knowlesposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      If it looks too good to be true - guess what? lol

      1. PayPerClickPlay profile image37
        PayPerClickPlayposted 8 years agoin reply to this


        In almost every case, this is true, but certainly not all. If I went through life being a skeptic on what sounds too good to be true, I would have missed several rather amazing opportunities, so I prefer to keep an open mind.

        Nothing about ICF World Homes sounds too good to be true once you digest the facts, and there is no hype or BS that I have ever heard used to promote this concept.  It is simple to understand, we are all working together to achieve an equity position in our new homes allowing us all to eventually enjoy a mortgage free home. 

        With everyone who has become a member never having to make another payment, as promoted, this is fact, not hype, and yes, it did sound too good to be true at first glance, but unlike all the others, there is math backing it up, not hype.  With zero attrition, this has all the makings of a great long term opportunity to achieve a new home, and since this is a home plan, not a money plan, you will not see a significant commission level unless you work it.  Most are passive, they just want to get into a new home, so if this sounds too good to be true, take a closer look to see how it works.

        Success to all,